Monday, 24 December 2012

My Entry to MissMalini's X'mas Contest #3 - Gehna Jewellers' Diamond Amethyst Pendant

Am I thrilled or what, with this glittering contest on MissMalini's Blog:  

Apart from regularly following, interacting with and of course, taking a shot at the goodies on offer, we adore MissMalini for the range of goodies and ingenuity of contests on the blog! Well done!

This contest comes with this gorgeous Gehna Jewellers' (Gehna Jewellers on Twitter) Pendant as prize:

Instantly fell in love with this infinity-stretched-to-a-heart beauty with its gleaming diamonds & the stunning center amethyst which appears to be an unusual hexagon cut with translucent clarity! wow!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever -so decided to create my entry to commensurate with the beauty of the contest!  Worked hard investing time over 4 days and here is the result: hope you enjoy this journey of fashion & fusion.

Choosing a wide range of outfits that I would wear with this pendant.  Given its celebratory nature, choosing many outfits that can conveniently be worn for occasion wear.  

My Entry:

I have come up with this blog and a dedicated Pinterest Board to support my entry (made vide a comment on MissMalini's blog vide the aforesaid link), so we may visualize the splendor: 

1.  Jacquard Purple Peplum Dress:

Quite like the shoulder flap sleeves that compliment & accentuate the peplum.  

Find this dress here:

2.  Flowing Ivory & Lavender Printed Maxi Dress:

In a season where prints have been so 'in', this could be a head turner.  Find this dress here:

3.  A Beautiful Metallic Purple & White Tafetta Gown:

Easily one of the most beautiful creations I have ever come across; find this beauty here:

4.  A Vintage, Purple Palazzo JumpSuit: 

I have been irretrievably stuck with palazzo jumpsuits this half year and here we go; find this here:

5.  Petite Purple Printed Dress:

Ah, now this is such a gorgeous, petite printed purple dress - why do I feel MissMalini would love this? Find it here:

That is a lot of western wear; time to move thru fusion to Indian Ethnic wear;

6.  Extremely Stylish Fusion Lehenga:

Now, that is the most stylish, fusion lehenga I have ever seen ;-) Found it here:

7.  Dainty Lavender Net Anarkali Suit:

The lavender and silver tone of the Anarkali Suit perfectly matches the pendant's hues.  Find this Anarkali Suit here:

8.  Deep Purple Embroidered Anarkali Suit:

Heart the combination of embroidered yoke and the gotta patti border ;-) Find this here:

Having done with western wear, a fusion lehenga & the ubiquitous anarkalis, can the National garment - Sari, be behind?  Yes, that is what we will culminate with:

9.  Silky Touch Shimmer Georgette Sari embellished with stones and diamantes:

Why I do feel this pendant was made for this gorgeous sari? That is why I am providing this image in XL size ;-) Find this here:

If we are now in the mood to experiment a bit, the next sari is just for us:

10.  Designer Printed Chiffon Sari:

This sari reminds me of a winter garden! Find it here:

We culminate with the biggest name of them all, a Sabyasachi Occasion Wear Sari.

11.  Sabyasachi Ivory & Purple Paan Butti Sari:

Find this here:

Hope you enjoyed this styling session ;-) Now, sit back, pray and wish that I win this gorgeous pendant from MissMalini and Gehna Jewellers.


Monday, 17 December 2012

My Entry to the Shoppers Stop "Perfect Look" Contest

My Entry to the Shoppers Stop "Perfect Look" contest in association with

Hi Folks, such a delight of a contest from Shoppers Stop - One has to pick one's favorite apparel & accessories from and put together an ensemble that’s the perfect look for This festive season. The most stylish look stands a chance to win some exciting prizes!

The sheer variety & depth of what is available on Shoppers Stop's website just fired up my imagination and my entry is below:

I am calling this look the 'Strawberry and Cream Chic' - equipped to attend a full work day and yet glide straight in to a Christmas and New Year Party thereafter ;-) Sufficiently formal & yet fleetingly casual ;-)

This look is for a young at heart, vibrant, energetic, global, new age fashionista - someone for whom 'festive' is not 'decked up' but yet stylish, classy & very individualistic! 

Let me deconstruct this look:

1. The Outfit:

This is an Allen Solly Ladies Wrap Dress in the oh-so-in "Colour Block" trend.  Find the dress here:

Comes in comfortable polyester with side pockets, a v neck & very distinctly stylish wrap design. 

2.  The Earrings:

Going with a no neck wear but very stylish earrings for this outfit.  This pair of Diamond Earrings from Carbon with its pearl accent is just made for this outfit.  Subtle, classy & very elegant for a lady! Find the earring here:

3.  The Watch:

This Esprit Berry watch just ups the playfulness quotient with its solid colour & striking face.  Find the watch here:

4.  The Bracelet:

This Guess Logo bracelet comes in a trendy metal and cord finish.  Find the bracelet here:

5.  The Finger Ring:

A trendy diamond ring from Carbon that adds a festive sparkle to the outfit - gal, here you go, just outshine them all! Find this ring here:

6.  The Footwear:

Splendid Haute Curry footwear for a gal with spring in her feet - the floral pattern with embellished sequins just up the 'festive' appeal tremendously.  Hip, hop, skip, jump - that's what hearts will do as you strut your stuff!  Find this dream pair here:

7.  The Bag:

A bag to last the day and yet not look out of place in a fun, peppy party - that is exactly what this Elliza Donatein Ladies Shoulder Bag is!  Find it here:

Now, we are all set to shine the light on the festivities, rock the world & have a jolly good time - that is what the festive season is all about.

Hope you enjoy and like this styling ;-) I immensely enjoyed putting it together.

Thank you Shoppers Stop and Indiblogger for a very engaging & enjoyable contest.  A prize would be icing on the cake to grab some of these goodies ;-)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My entry to iDiva's Festive Giveaway - Sparkle Like A Diva!

I just love this styling contest from iDiva - its an awesome festive treat: 

iDiva's Festive Giveaway - Sparkle Like A Diva

The contest requires us to follow the steps and comment how one would style these two gorgeous pendants:

The prizes are indeed these two awesome Tara Jewellers Pristinium Pendants!

To know more about Tara Jewellers, visit them here: Tara Jewellers

And, to know more about their new wonder metal Pristinium, head here: Know more about Tara Jewellers' Pristinium

Here we go .. for my entry ..

Styling Pendant 1

This is how I will style this awesome pendant: this pendant has a remarkable white tone and diamond odyssey so we will style it keeping this as the central theme:

1. A silver-metal palazzo jumpsuit (in keeping with the jumpsuit trend this year); chic elegant class to match the pendant [this jumpsuit is courtesy].

2. Diamond cut heart shaped lock earrings in white tone - chose lock shaped earrings to theme with the key shaped pristinium pendant. And, what better to unlock than a heart ;-) 

3. The Tara Jewellers Pristinium Key Pendant.

4. A simple diamond studded white gold bracelet.

5. A Superb ring from Tara Jewellers - if this one charms you, you can find it here: it is from their 'Daily Wear collection' and has a code TDR 2204

6.  A glitter heart clutch to stick with the overall theme.

7.  Gorgeous silver glitter Dasha footwear.

Isn't it heavenly?  

Styling Pendant 2:

Now, this pendant 2 has a distinct two-tone appeal to it, hence we will style it keeping in mind this as the central theme: this is how I have styled it:

1.  A gorgeous beige and Oxblood (colour of the season) sheer Anarkali ensemble; its ornate peacock motif also lends the 'baroque' (trend of the season) touch to Indian Ethnic.  The beige is two-toned which will match the pendant's two tone accent.

2.  All jewelry in this style are from Tara Jewellers, starting of course with the two-tone Key Pendant.  

3.  Tara Jewellers' TDP 488 earrings from their 'Daily Wear' Collection: an intricate two toned earring pair that ably matches the pendant and yet retains its individuality.

4.  A 22 karat gold patterned bangle from Tara Jewellers' Antique Collection A SRIB 217 - the enamel detailing in the bangle complements the motif in the ensemble. 

5.  A gold potli clutch to round off the look.

This is gorgeous Indian Ethnic festive wear.. Like it?  

That brings us to the end of this styling adventure .. hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Cheers.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Trend Snag Jewelry Auction's Jewel-A-Day Giveaway

Fancy a Monogram Necklace?

Here is what to do ..

Trend Snag Jewelry Auction is holding a Jewel-A-Day Giveaway with this monogram necklace up for grabs daily.

Enter here:

Good luck and Happy Winning!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Name Suggestions for Android's Next Version_L_Indian Names

Suggestions for next Android version Name (L): Indian name ;-)


Hi, as an ardent Android follower & amateur techie who wants Android to successfully proliferate, it is my dream to see Android's next version named after an Indian confectionery ;-)

I am choosing the alphabet "L" coz it is reported that 'Key Lime Pie' is all set. [apologies if that is not the case].


India is a major market - both as consumers and developers. And, Google has charmed us for close to a decade now with its global embrace [my favorite is  which i think is the best global civilian honor ;-)

We would be thrilled if a version could take one of our popular foods. How can a billion people ignore an operating system that is named after their favorite food? ;-)

Suggestions: "L":

1. Laddu:

A very popular sweet / confectionery in India - no celebration is ever complete without this. Belongs to entire India encompassing all its diversity. Read more here:

2. Lauki Ki Burfi: [translation: Bottlegourd Fudge]:

Relatively less popular than 1 but a niche sweet. Here is what you get when we Google it:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=5a883cf5200a350e&biw=1366&bih=598

3. Lehsun Ki Kheer: [translation: garlic sweet rice pudding]:

Relatively less popular than 1 but niche in its own right. Here is what you get when we Google it:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=5a883cf5200a350e&biw=1366&bih=598

Will be glad to provide more focus and suggestions, if found useful :) Cheers,

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My entries to the Twitter #SuggestAName contest by @404NameError ("Unnamed")

Hi, Twitter handle @404NameError (Unnamed) is hosting a #SuggestAName contest today ;-) 

Rules here: Contest Rules

I am having super fun and my entries are collated below:

  1. D CIMIC [Cimic is "bug" in Latin - so this is a funny way of writing "Debug"]
  2. Tech pUTTARs  [Uttar is answer; puttars are sons]
  3. InKnowAters [that is a twist of the English "Innovaters"]
  4. Tech Anamika
  5. Geek INITUS [Initus is beginning in Latin - is also means IN IT and US in English]
  6. Tech Lauriers  [Lauriers in French is folks worthy of kudos]
  7. QuinQ [Quinque in Latin is 5. Love the way this word plays up - in reverse]
  8. 5iT [That is sms lingo for Fight ;-]
  9. Tech NewtonYati [a combo of English and Sanskrit for tech innovation, with a twist - Nutanyati is Sanskrit]
  10. viTA [in Sanskrit means boon-companion and can also be akin to vital in English]
  11. AVAITARAM [combination of varam +it + avatar]
  12. TECHoRAM
  13. Tech Sociogram
  14. SoluBytes
  15. PentagRAM
  16. Tech RAMbo
  17. Bug Chasers
  18. SafePing
  19. Ping for Peace
  20. LAST(ing) (s)MILE
  21. PERPES PING [Perpes in Latin means uninterrupted]
  22. Samousea Bytes
  23. Tech Knights
  24. Mogambo Kush Hua
Which ones do you "Like"? leave a comment ;-) 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Entry 5 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch

Entry 5 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch:

This is classy and eclectic ;-)

1. Jackie O Dress:

2. Colourful Jute Wedges by Sabbah Sharma:

With of course, the African Print Envelope Clutch..

Entry 4 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch

Entry 4 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch:

1. A lovely Graphic Ikat Print Collar Top with your staple denim jeans or jeggings:

Find this lovely top here ..

2.  Hexagon Brown flats:

3.  Wildflower drop earrings:

4. of course, the African print envelope clutch:

5. A tangerine color dial with cream colour strap the Elephant Company watch:

Presto, we are done .. like it?

Entry 3 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch

Entry 3 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch:

This one is a tad unconventional: take a look:

1.  Halflined Draped Yellow Dress:

2.  To give it a bold conventional look, pair it with Fire colored embroidered flats:

Find this gorgeous pair here ..

3.  Of course, the African Print Envelope clutch:

get it here..

4.  ah ah, if you thought we are done, the best is yet to come: the earrings ;-)

gorgeous golden emblem earrings to go with the dress (while the footwear and the clutch pair it up, this pair of earrings does a made-for-each-other with the dress):

here is where you can get this pair

Hurrah! we are all set to go .. like it?

Entry 2 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch

Entry 2 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest to pair items from The Shop with The African Print Envelope Clutch:

1. Gorgeous Cut-out Sheath: Since 'tangerine' is the color of the year, this would be the thing to opt for:

2.  Bold, Neon Colour Carnival Earrings:

3. Of course, the African Print Envelope Clutch:

Like the look? BOHO ain't it? 

Entry 1 to @ShopInOnIt Twitter Contest

Contest is to pair the African Print Envelope Clutch with other items from The Shop:

Entry 1:

Will pair with an 'in fashion' Colour Block Party Top:

Like it?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Favorite Organic Wellness Product Combos for Soulflower's Contest

Just putting together some delectable combos for a Soulflower contest - organic, vegetarian soaps, bath salts, oils ;-) 

Take a look:

Combo 1:

Melony Morning Combo

1. Soulflower Passionate Watermelon Aroma Bath Salt (400 g): Rs.350/- 

2. Soulflower What a Melon(150 g) Soap: Rs. 250/-

Combo 2:

Mother Earth Combo:

1. Soulflower Mud a Lot Soap (150 g): Rs. 250/-
2. Soulflower Desert Sands Ocean Mineral Bath Salt(400 g): Rs.350/-

Now, the next combo is easily my all-time favorite:

Pink Lather Combo:

Pink Lather Combo:

1.Hot Pink Cup Cake With Strawberry And Vanilla 200 gms soap: Rs. 400/-
2. Coldpressed Rosehip Carrier Oil (pls make a 15 ml size) - Rs.175/- or Rs.200/-

If you are already lost, it's time to move on to the next two combos:

Spice Me Up Combo:

1. Soulflower Rosemary(150 g) Soap: Rs. 200/-
2. Soulflower Rose Geranium Aroma Bath Salt(400 g): Rs. 350/-

Solemate Combo:

1. Soulflower Happy Feet(150 g) soap: Rs. 250/-
2. Soulflower Foot Reflexology Massage Oil 90 ml: Rs. 350/-

Like it?

You could buy them here and indulge in your very own home spa:


Friday, 29 June 2012

Random Musings_Football_Euro 2012_Germany Vs Italy Semi-Final

#Euro2012 #RandomMusings   #MustRead Yesterday's Germany Vs Italy match, needless to say, contributes to this. Reposting as yesterday's link seems non-functional.

Football continues to keep us wondering: as to why perfection, passion, a clean and careful approach to the game, penance like building the game, administration and team - do not triumph.

In yesterday's match, A.Pirlo's handball right on the German goal, well within the first 18 minutes went unnoticed - by five referees and most of the World. If it had merited a Red Card and a German Penalty, it could have been a game changer. All the more so because it arrived exactly when the German team was at the end of the ebb of an attacking fifteen minutes. If you think this is a disgruntled German fan writing to provide excuses for a team that lacked superb defence last night - pause a moment and consider this: Frank Lebouef in 's Extra Time program (India broadcast) clearly held that as a handball and lamented that the fifth referee had not spotted it! And, he opined it was a clear red card offence!

Germany, true to their character and perfect-professional football, did not protest. They went about the game as clean and professional as they could - even while being so down, they hardly committed a single foul (Frank pointed this out and lamented may be it is the need of the hour that teams commit certain percentage of fouls - to be able to be adrift). Television replays showed even the yellow card booking for Hummels was not deserved.

To me, M Ozil's penalty kick (granted for an Italy handball on the German goal, yet again) - in the throes of intense pressure - is symbolic of the German football spirit. Clean, direct, professional and almost celebratory of its intrinsic purity!

Contrast this with Italy - I have lost count of the number of yellow cards they collected yesterday - whilst being two goals to nil up!

To recall, Italy won the FIFA WC 2006 amidst heightened scandals at home - thereby diverting attention away from it and on the contrary, worsening the systemic rot!

For a moment, I do not deny that the German defence floundered - more so in the first half. That notwithstanding, I deem yesterday's result as unfair and confounding - to the Laws of Nature.

History seems to be repeating itself! I reckon Football is merely reflecting society and life, as such. We live in times of mediocre and maverick over majestic and master-class. May God Bless Us!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My entry to Beluxed Fashion | Swapzaar contest_Style the Envirosax bag

Had loads of fun just now putting this look together.

The contest requires the entrant to style the uber chic mint green and cream bag with vintage mixed-media themed print from Envirosax (featured right extreme in the above collage).

This is how I would style it:

Will combine 4 "in" trends this season - coloured jeans, colour of the year "tangerine", sheer and color block :-)

Mint green coloured Jeans / Jeggings

A simple white knit V-neck top with short sleeves

A lovely vintage tangerine hued sheer long scarf - taking a risk with this one though. But, what's passion in fashion without a bit of risk ;-)

Fendi color block footwear (just love this)

Simple Swarowski cluster earrings

Of course the mint green uber chic Envirosax bag.

Ready to take the World by storm ;-)

Like it?

Friday, 22 June 2012

reCAPTCHA - what is it?


Before we begin understanding reCAPTCHA, let us start by understanding "CAPTCHA".


CAPTCHA is a term that was introduced in 2000 by computer scientists of Carnegie Mellon University.

It is based on the English word 'capture'.  

CAPTCHA, in simple terms, is a method or test used by websites to ensure that visitors to that website are 'real' human beings and not computer programs (also called 'bots').  

Technically, CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for  "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

Why do websites need to ensure visitors are 'real' human beings?

It is possible to write computer programs and deploy them (put them on) to websites where they can, without a stop, keep registering users or posting comments.  The latter is also called "spam".  Such computer programs that automatically (based on the computer algorithm written for them) perform tasks are called "bots".

Therefore, if these computer programs are allowed to function without any check or stop - many websites will suffer from cramped infrastructure (servers may get jammed), genuine users will be put to difficulty etc.

How do websites ensure visitors are 'real' human beings?

By making sure visitors are required to view jumbled / mangled / not so perfectly etched characters and then key them in using their keyboards.

Only humans will be able to decipher the jumbled / mangled characters, making it difficult for computer programs to recognize.

Here is an example of where CAPTCHA is used:

If you need to reset your account password, for example, the Google website may ask you to view a CAPTCHA and then key it in from your keyboard.  Only if you key in successfully (which proves you are a real human being), you will be allowed to proceed further.

Many websites use CAPTCHA right at the registration stage to make sure only real human beings register and create profiles.

Types of CAPTCHA


Yahoo first used these types of CAPTCHA.  But, these had to be discontinued when computer programs that could actually read and key these in were subsequently written ;-)


Modern CAPTCHA these days not only have mangled characters, but add angled lines - making it difficult for non-humans to read the CAPTCHA.

Another modern variation of CAPTCHA, as Yahoo currently uses, is crowding the characters so much that a computer program cannot separate them and read them:


Researchers are now also recommending alternatives to the 'text' based CAPTCHAs above.

Images combined with text are a good alternative CAPTCHA:

Now that we know what a CAPTCHA is, let us move on to reCAPTCHA.


reCAPTCHA is a service that uses CAPTCHA.

Popular uses of reCAPTCHA:

(1) filter visitors to avoid Spam.  This is called Spam-Filtering.  a reCAPTCHA program can be run on the website for this purpose.

(2) reCAPTCHA has also been very useful in digitizing (converting to an electronic format for use in computers and gadgets) old historic textbooks, newspapers and materials.  Such conversion from old literary books to electronic form is firstly done with a technology called OCR - Optical Character Recognition.  OCR scans the old book and the scanned electronic copy is converted to words by computer algorithm.  During such conversion, many a time, OCR cannot recognize some characters / words.  

reCAPTCHA sends such words that cannot be read by computers to the Internet so that human beings can decipher them and key them in. Thus, each word that cannot be read correctly by the computer algorithm is captured as an image and sent as a CAPTCHA to a human being.

Below is an example of how a reCAPTCHA service / program has been deployed on a website:

How can you, if you were an Actor, use reCAPTCHA?

1.  If you own a blog, would you want to make sure the comments on your blog posts are by real human beings? Yes.

You can do it by making sure, before each comment is accepted on your blog, the person attempting to post a comment fills in a CAPTCHA.  

2.  Do you have a literary origin and valuable literary texts from ancestors? Would you want to convert it to an electronic form so your posterity might possess and read them? You can convert old texts and literary works to an electronic form (digitizing) using reCAPTCHA.

3.  Do you have very bound and old movie scripts that you want to preserve in an electronic form?  You can do it using reCAPTCHA.

With this, we come to the end of this introductory capsule on reCAPTCHA.

Thanks for taking time. 


You can post your comments / questions below in the comments box.

Alternately, you could also post your questions / doubts to