Friday, 29 June 2012

Random Musings_Football_Euro 2012_Germany Vs Italy Semi-Final

#Euro2012 #RandomMusings   #MustRead Yesterday's Germany Vs Italy match, needless to say, contributes to this. Reposting as yesterday's link seems non-functional.

Football continues to keep us wondering: as to why perfection, passion, a clean and careful approach to the game, penance like building the game, administration and team - do not triumph.

In yesterday's match, A.Pirlo's handball right on the German goal, well within the first 18 minutes went unnoticed - by five referees and most of the World. If it had merited a Red Card and a German Penalty, it could have been a game changer. All the more so because it arrived exactly when the German team was at the end of the ebb of an attacking fifteen minutes. If you think this is a disgruntled German fan writing to provide excuses for a team that lacked superb defence last night - pause a moment and consider this: Frank Lebouef in 's Extra Time program (India broadcast) clearly held that as a handball and lamented that the fifth referee had not spotted it! And, he opined it was a clear red card offence!

Germany, true to their character and perfect-professional football, did not protest. They went about the game as clean and professional as they could - even while being so down, they hardly committed a single foul (Frank pointed this out and lamented may be it is the need of the hour that teams commit certain percentage of fouls - to be able to be adrift). Television replays showed even the yellow card booking for Hummels was not deserved.

To me, M Ozil's penalty kick (granted for an Italy handball on the German goal, yet again) - in the throes of intense pressure - is symbolic of the German football spirit. Clean, direct, professional and almost celebratory of its intrinsic purity!

Contrast this with Italy - I have lost count of the number of yellow cards they collected yesterday - whilst being two goals to nil up!

To recall, Italy won the FIFA WC 2006 amidst heightened scandals at home - thereby diverting attention away from it and on the contrary, worsening the systemic rot!

For a moment, I do not deny that the German defence floundered - more so in the first half. That notwithstanding, I deem yesterday's result as unfair and confounding - to the Laws of Nature.

History seems to be repeating itself! I reckon Football is merely reflecting society and life, as such. We live in times of mediocre and maverick over majestic and master-class. May God Bless Us!