Sunday, 29 July 2012

My entries to the Twitter #SuggestAName contest by @404NameError ("Unnamed")

Hi, Twitter handle @404NameError (Unnamed) is hosting a #SuggestAName contest today ;-) 

Rules here: Contest Rules

I am having super fun and my entries are collated below:

  1. D CIMIC [Cimic is "bug" in Latin - so this is a funny way of writing "Debug"]
  2. Tech pUTTARs  [Uttar is answer; puttars are sons]
  3. InKnowAters [that is a twist of the English "Innovaters"]
  4. Tech Anamika
  5. Geek INITUS [Initus is beginning in Latin - is also means IN IT and US in English]
  6. Tech Lauriers  [Lauriers in French is folks worthy of kudos]
  7. QuinQ [Quinque in Latin is 5. Love the way this word plays up - in reverse]
  8. 5iT [That is sms lingo for Fight ;-]
  9. Tech NewtonYati [a combo of English and Sanskrit for tech innovation, with a twist - Nutanyati is Sanskrit]
  10. viTA [in Sanskrit means boon-companion and can also be akin to vital in English]
  11. AVAITARAM [combination of varam +it + avatar]
  12. TECHoRAM
  13. Tech Sociogram
  14. SoluBytes
  15. PentagRAM
  16. Tech RAMbo
  17. Bug Chasers
  18. SafePing
  19. Ping for Peace
  20. LAST(ing) (s)MILE
  21. PERPES PING [Perpes in Latin means uninterrupted]
  22. Samousea Bytes
  23. Tech Knights
  24. Mogambo Kush Hua
Which ones do you "Like"? leave a comment ;-)