Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Name Suggestions for Android's Next Version_L_Indian Names

Suggestions for next Android version Name (L): Indian name ;-)


Hi, as an ardent Android follower & amateur techie who wants Android to successfully proliferate, it is my dream to see Android's next version named after an Indian confectionery ;-)

I am choosing the alphabet "L" coz it is reported that 'Key Lime Pie' is all set. [apologies if that is not the case].


India is a major market - both as consumers and developers. And, Google has charmed us for close to a decade now with its global embrace [my favorite is  which i think is the best global civilian honor ;-)

We would be thrilled if a version could take one of our popular foods. How can a billion people ignore an operating system that is named after their favorite food? ;-)

Suggestions: "L":

1. Laddu:

A very popular sweet / confectionery in India - no celebration is ever complete without this. Belongs to entire India encompassing all its diversity. Read more here:

2. Lauki Ki Burfi: [translation: Bottlegourd Fudge]:

Relatively less popular than 1 but a niche sweet. Here is what you get when we Google it:


3. Lehsun Ki Kheer: [translation: garlic sweet rice pudding]:

Relatively less popular than 1 but niche in its own right. Here is what you get when we Google it:


Will be glad to provide more focus and suggestions, if found useful :) Cheers,