Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My entry to iDiva's Festive Giveaway - Sparkle Like A Diva!

I just love this styling contest from iDiva - its an awesome festive treat: 

iDiva's Festive Giveaway - Sparkle Like A Diva

The contest requires us to follow the steps and comment how one would style these two gorgeous pendants:

The prizes are indeed these two awesome Tara Jewellers Pristinium Pendants!

To know more about Tara Jewellers, visit them here: Tara Jewellers

And, to know more about their new wonder metal Pristinium, head here: Know more about Tara Jewellers' Pristinium

Here we go .. for my entry ..

Styling Pendant 1

This is how I will style this awesome pendant: this pendant has a remarkable white tone and diamond odyssey so we will style it keeping this as the central theme:

1. A silver-metal palazzo jumpsuit (in keeping with the jumpsuit trend this year); chic elegant class to match the pendant [this jumpsuit is courtesy].

2. Diamond cut heart shaped lock earrings in white tone - chose lock shaped earrings to theme with the key shaped pristinium pendant. And, what better to unlock than a heart ;-) 

3. The Tara Jewellers Pristinium Key Pendant.

4. A simple diamond studded white gold bracelet.

5. A Superb ring from Tara Jewellers - if this one charms you, you can find it here: it is from their 'Daily Wear collection' and has a code TDR 2204

6.  A glitter heart clutch to stick with the overall theme.

7.  Gorgeous silver glitter Dasha footwear.

Isn't it heavenly?  

Styling Pendant 2:

Now, this pendant 2 has a distinct two-tone appeal to it, hence we will style it keeping in mind this as the central theme: this is how I have styled it:

1.  A gorgeous beige and Oxblood (colour of the season) sheer Anarkali ensemble; its ornate peacock motif also lends the 'baroque' (trend of the season) touch to Indian Ethnic.  The beige is two-toned which will match the pendant's two tone accent.

2.  All jewelry in this style are from Tara Jewellers, starting of course with the two-tone Key Pendant.  

3.  Tara Jewellers' TDP 488 earrings from their 'Daily Wear' Collection: an intricate two toned earring pair that ably matches the pendant and yet retains its individuality.

4.  A 22 karat gold patterned bangle from Tara Jewellers' Antique Collection A SRIB 217 - the enamel detailing in the bangle complements the motif in the ensemble. 

5.  A gold potli clutch to round off the look.

This is gorgeous Indian Ethnic festive wear.. Like it?  

That brings us to the end of this styling adventure .. hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Cheers.