Friday, 25 January 2013

The God Particle - Coconut - Goodness of Coconut For The Skin

Coconut - The God Particle: Its Goodness benefits for the Skin:

Born in an Oriental land, where every family and courtyard had at least two coconut trees - well, in my part of the land, having one - just one coconut tree is considered inauspicious - so its at least two or none, we are blessed to understand and bask in the goodness of coconut.

Coconut is originally thought to be have been pronounced 'cocoanut' and is derived from a Portuguese term that reflects a face with human features (corresponding to the three small holes on the coconut shell).

Culturally considered a very auspicious tree and nut - every part of which finds some utilitarian value, coconut is incorporated in every function and gaiety - from the birth of a child to a wedding to a house warming ceremony.  

In fact, the traditional belief is that the coconut tree is such a harbinger of good that it never drops a coconut on to a human being - even by accident.

I have called Coconut the 'God Particle' because I have seen it - most of all - 'heal'.  The God particle started life and coconut heals & gives new life to skin, in its myriad forms:

Coconut Water

Coconut water contains natural sugar, dietary fibre, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and provides an isotonic balance to the body - which is why it is the elixir drink in the tropical countries.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk, extracted by grating the white kernel, is widely used in niche cuisines.  Traditional wisdom also recommends it for healing a wide range of stomach inflammatory conditions - from ulcers to acidity.  Coconut milk, when applied on to skin, either jointly with other natural foods or by itself, brings about a radiance and glow, purifies and cleanses the skin, helps exfoliate and retains a natural lustre.  

Coconut Oil

By far the most used of the coconut by products, coconut oil finds wide use in cuisine as well as beauty care - not just for the skin, but for the hair as well.

Daily use of coconut oil, to nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth is an unquestioned beauty secret passed on thru generations.  In my part of the world, it is still customary to oil massage the hair before shampooing it.  

From the time we were kids and picked up bruises while playing, or rashes while travelling, coconut oil has been the handy cure-all at mothers' disposal. it evens out the damage, heals skin and helps fresh skin grow.  It is thus the best companion thru our skin's life cycle - from fresh growth to exfoliation.

Those of us fond of manicures and pedicures and well kept nails have soaked our nails and toes in coconut oil before luxurious baths in the tub - it brings out the best. 

My personal experience with coconut oil, more interesting, has been of late.  Blessed with very good genes and a flawless wheatish complexion, I did all we do in modern times to harm my skin.  Of late, saddled with heavy dark circles and black spots, skin has been listless.

For a week now, on Mom's prodding, have applied coconut oil - and despite the severe damage, can already see tiny signs of healing.  Nature, as they say, is infinitely powerful.

Miracle Cure

Modern research has even suggested that Coconut has the powers to cure many modern ills hitherto otherwise devoid of cure. 

I found a plethora of informational articles here, at this research center:

The Alzheimer Cure - Coconut Connect:

Well, in Grandma's days, they painstakingly, at home, extracted the goodness of coconut.  In today's busy lifestyles, fortunately for us, we have some brands that carefully put Coconut's goodness together - for us and ours. Here is an example from Parachute: 100% natural advansed body lotion:

So, let's enjoy Nature's wholesome goodness to take care of ourselves.  


Monday, 21 January 2013

B:Kind's Jan 2013 Contest_Task 4_Styling The Awesome Top / Tunic

My entry for Task 4 of B:Kind's January 2013 Contest - Styling this Awesome Top / Tunic with a note on where would I sport it to:

B:Kind have come up with this exciting contest of 7 tasks spread over 15 days in January and the 4th task is to style this awesome top / tunic.

They have a splendid catalog, are building their website and you could like them on facebook here:

Now, to begin with this delectable styling task!

The Top / Tunic to be styled:

Love the red, white and black combo.  Has a distinct binding at the bust, hips and waist with matching sleeve pattern.

Let the styling begin:

Its the season of glitter, so would love to style this with black sequin leggings:

Image Courtesy

Black pumps the absolute match for this pair of leggings & top / tunic.

So, that's taken care of.

Now, to accessorize this awesomeness:

The earrings: 

I m a stickler with danglers, drops & hanging earrings - so that is what we will go with.  An oval, acrylic pair with black, red and white tree motif is just made for each other:

Image Courtesy

Time for a matching bag.  Now, before we style that, it is important to decide where to sport this to; its a feminine yet sporty top with its very sportive neck attributes.  I would love to sport this to a sports match - say, a day and night cricket match or a tennis match (such as the ATP Chennai Open in my city) or the Hockey League Matches - something that kinda extends in to the still winter evening.  I would also love to sport this to an after work movie outing.  

Now that we know where we are sporting this to, finding a matching bag is as easy as it takes.  Here is the choice:

Image Courtesy

A comfy hands-off black, paisley motif cross body sling bag. Its oh so important for me to have a hands off bag when I am at the Stadium or at the movies. 

Last, but not the least, let's do some timekeeping.

A trendy, sporty red-white Fastrack watch it will be! 

Image Courtesy

That completes our styling session and here's how it all adds up: 

Like it? Me too! Enjoyed styling this..


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Australian Open 2013 - Fashion (Particularly Women's Fashion) - A Commentary

Well, this is a brief and spontaneous Fashion Commentary on the on-court styles of players at the Australian Open 2013:

This year, if there is one outfit that clearly impresses the fashionista in me, its gotta be Venus Williams' outfit.

Official description reads as below:

Cross Court Floral dress from the 2013 collection of EleVen By Venus Williams. The dress, described as a floral watercolor design in aqua, peach, cream, and white with thin black contrast binding at the bust, waistline, and sleeves giving it special detailing will be available in stores. 

My commentary and views:

Love the combination of prints, floral & pastel water colored hues.  Understated, sombre, but very stylish.

What i call as 'Scoop neck' & 'cap sleeves' render it a very apt dress for hourglass body types ;) Venus surely has lost oodles of weight, coming in to the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific, so the dress aptly fits her frame.

Well, on that count, for serve and volley - which is what tennis ought to be, at least most of the time - baseline duels permitting, scoop neck tends to be a little unsuited, as i realized when i watched Venus on court - see photo below, its quite self-explanatory:

The Accessories:

Venus paired it with a classic string of pearls for neckwear - highly appreciated.  

The only thing i would give a BIG thumbs DOWN in her ensemble is her earrings! ;-( 

Oh, what an opportunity lost there - a pair of classic, simple pearl drops (preferably tear drop) would have completed the look so well.  I quite disliked the loud earrings (she wore a second earring as well - though i am not sure if those are pierced or cling on earrings) she sported.  Spoilsport, actually!

My recommendation would be for dainty tear drop earrings for her main ear piercing accompanied by a tiny solitaire pearl for the second ear piercing.  

Image Courtesy: and Getty Images

When she walked in to her second round match, saw her also wearing a smoky grey cocktail ring on her left hand - nice bling and went well with the overall look.  Not sure if she keeps it on when she plays.  Have not been able to source a close-up pic from the Internet.  Looks like i have to do a photo-grab from TV when she comes over for her much anticipated third round match versus Maria Sharapova.

Her visor and shoes are, at best, ok - though i would have loved to see a powder blue visor & shoes.  But, they pass off and don't really take away anything from the look - as much as they don't accentuate it. Maria has had a history of better matching her visor with her outfits, over the years. 

Talking of accentuating, there is one thing that very stylishly accentuates Venus' look: and that is, her hair highlights ;) 

When Venus arrived in pre-tournament events, remixing her hair with blue box braids, i wasn't too interested. See these photos - i think leaving her hair open did very little justice.  Now, a nice bun to go with her dress and it truly is some crowning glory.

Image Courtesy: and Getty Images

The picture below probably shows her hair highlights best, though its intention was to focus on the butterfly / insect on her neck! 

So, that's the commentary on Venus' look.  And, i departed from my own tradition because I always comment on Maria's outfit first.  This time around, her neutral yellow (said to be inspired by her sunlight pictures sent to Nike) is rather ordinary i thought - especially because most of the field has turned up in Yellow and White - making us wonder if we have declared ourselves yellow planet or what ;) 

If you are wondering why the font color for this post is emerald green, well, you got it right - with Pantone declaring Emerald Green as the color to watch this year - I couldn't find it anywhere in Tennis World yet - except for Maria's stud post earrings - which is a very nice emerald green - but i am not sure if that is emerald or onyx - have posted on her FB page & tweeted her at her brand new twitter ID, so let's wait for that before I do a commentary on her look this Australian Open 2013.  Well, tennis fashion, traditionally, is observed to lag behind current trends -though, i must admit, in recent years, the extent to which it lags behind has been significantly reduced thanks to protagonists like Maria & Venus. 

Lastly, I think Venus has made up for a series of fashion blunders at this very stage the last couple times with this very stylish, understated look.  Thumbs up!  

Do share your views and feedback here as comments or tweet me at @Phantom_Delight.