Monday, 21 January 2013

B:Kind's Jan 2013 Contest_Task 4_Styling The Awesome Top / Tunic

My entry for Task 4 of B:Kind's January 2013 Contest - Styling this Awesome Top / Tunic with a note on where would I sport it to:

B:Kind have come up with this exciting contest of 7 tasks spread over 15 days in January and the 4th task is to style this awesome top / tunic.

They have a splendid catalog, are building their website and you could like them on facebook here:

Now, to begin with this delectable styling task!

The Top / Tunic to be styled:

Love the red, white and black combo.  Has a distinct binding at the bust, hips and waist with matching sleeve pattern.

Let the styling begin:

Its the season of glitter, so would love to style this with black sequin leggings:

Image Courtesy

Black pumps the absolute match for this pair of leggings & top / tunic.

So, that's taken care of.

Now, to accessorize this awesomeness:

The earrings: 

I m a stickler with danglers, drops & hanging earrings - so that is what we will go with.  An oval, acrylic pair with black, red and white tree motif is just made for each other:

Image Courtesy

Time for a matching bag.  Now, before we style that, it is important to decide where to sport this to; its a feminine yet sporty top with its very sportive neck attributes.  I would love to sport this to a sports match - say, a day and night cricket match or a tennis match (such as the ATP Chennai Open in my city) or the Hockey League Matches - something that kinda extends in to the still winter evening.  I would also love to sport this to an after work movie outing.  

Now that we know where we are sporting this to, finding a matching bag is as easy as it takes.  Here is the choice:

Image Courtesy

A comfy hands-off black, paisley motif cross body sling bag. Its oh so important for me to have a hands off bag when I am at the Stadium or at the movies. 

Last, but not the least, let's do some timekeeping.

A trendy, sporty red-white Fastrack watch it will be! 

Image Courtesy

That completes our styling session and here's how it all adds up: 

Like it? Me too! Enjoyed styling this..