Sunday, 10 March 2013

Styling and Review - B:Kind's Tunic Top & Scarf

Styling and Review of B:Kind's Tunic Top & Scarf

B:Kind is entrepreneur Vidhi Shah's stylish, trendy & affordable fashion line with a spunky self-confessed mantra: "makes you want to whip out your wallets & raid the racks"! 

You can find B:Kind on Twitter & Facebook.

I won this top & scarf in a fortnight long, series of fashion assignments contest and received my prize ensemble recently;

As is natural for us fashionistas, a good ensemble ought not go without styling! So, here we go ..

The Ensemble:

Won this ensemble in Beige, instead of the black shown above in B:Kind's lookbook - with the same scarf.

The Tunic Top:

That is followed up below with a no flash photo - its a beige / mild khaki hued tunic top:

Attributes I like about the top:

- Very breathable, natural fabric

- A nice take on a chinese collar - love the underlying long 'v' neck cut, trendy & yet feminine that!

- Very cool sleeves - could either be worn as three-fourth sleeves or the best way, in my view, is to wear it rolled up, complete with a buttoned flap.

- Pintuck trimmed pattern on the bodice & back.

- Buttoned down with a catchy odd black button along the line.

- Layered double pocket on the front with a metal 'b:kind' signage hand sewn; wanna see what i mean? 

- Although a comfy fit tunic, its naturally curvaceous - i didn't find a need for a slim belt.

The Scarf:

Well, this is a designer master piece and can easily end up as a go to piece in your wardrobe - with a wide range of ensembles be it a plain tee-denim ensemble or a business suit! 

Gorgeous monochrome pattern in each of the four quartets, with bright neon pink & yellow borders, with a further dash of purple & brush of aqua blue along the circumference, framed by delicate neon yellow lace :)

I fell in love with it so much that i could possibly do half a dozen styling posts with just this scarf and the available matching / contrasting options in my wardrobe! 

Take a look:

Now, all set for styling this ensemble tunic top & scarf:

Going with simple, skiny fit black trousers:

The Footwear:

Well, the monochrome Oriental pattern on the scarf inspires me to choose strappy wedges:

The Jewelry

Coming to the most favorite part of my styling odyssey:

I wouldn't pair this up with neckwear coz of the gorgeous scarf ;) So, take a look at the other items of jewelry from my collection that I style this with:

The Earrings:

Dainty drop earrings feature a beige off-white coral rose with a hanging black bead; stud posts.  Feminine yet small enough to go without distracting from the overall look. 

The Bangles:

This tunic top lends itself - most of all - to chunky bangles; so we go full haul on these.

First to go, beige and pink themed paper mache bangles ;) I often wonder, when I style - were these made for each other? Its so much joy when a given ensemble correlates oh so well with some jewelry - junk or fashion or fine - in one's collection; come to think of it, they were all picked up at very different points in time from varied destinations.  For them to blend & complement each other so well is such a natural play!

Yepp, they are big and chunky - and yes, we will stack them up and wear them on the left hand!

For the right hand, I am going with this wooden giraffe single I had picked up in South Africa:

The Hair Accessory:

This is an unlikely item I confess - but since hair accessories are in trend, dug this one out of my closet:

A cute, small off-white hat clip with a dainty ribbon & a solitary pearl sewn in ;)  Very handy if you wanna leave your hair slightly bunched up, center back.

Done with it all except, of course, the clutch; if you notice, in the look we have put together thus far, the neon on the scarf is as yet unmatched & lonely! So, i chose my newest neon clutch: A Bourne beauty: it only helps that it is a much in trend oversized envelope:

This is how it all adds up:

Hope you have as much fun reading this post as I had styling! Cheers! Would be fun to hear your comments here or on twitter (@Phantom_Delight).

And as we say ciao, take a look at B:Kind's Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook  and how they sum up their collection in this You Tube video !