Saturday, 1 June 2013

Breaking News: Mega Sale:

Mega Sale: Its Our Studio

Would you be interested in quirky utilitarian products and a website that sells its awesomeness as its USP? If yes, head on to

A Mega Sale is on as we blog .. 25% off on products in categories as wide ranging as Home Essentials, Office Essentials, Mugs & Glasses, Party Essentials, Gadgets & Gizmos, Headphones, Eco Friendly Gifts, Cool Silicon Products etc.

They also offer gift certificates and bulk purchase options.

Now, wanna sneak peek? Here are some of my curated favorites:

Angry Bird SpeakersListen to Me!
Burger Memo PadTake Me Home :)
Chocolate Memo PadBuy Me!

Pan Shaped ClockFind me right here ..

BarbecueI'm here ..

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Now, its time to head for the Mega Sale .. Happy Shopping .. & even happier showing off ..