Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Scrapbook Look of the Day

My Scrapbook Look of the Day: Lacy Lass:

It's no secret that Lace has been 'in' for a while now; as a perennial lace lover, its natural that I stop by this 'Lacy Lass' Look.  

What is unusual though, is the statement necklace I have experimented with, in this look.  A bit of fusion that with the statement necklace, being very oriental, made for ethnic Indian Looks :)

But then, a stylist's licence to experiment is a good one to have, though it comes with the risk of fierce brickbats - the intensity with which brickbats arrive far outplays bouquets though :)  So, let me know how you folks liked this experiment of mine. 

Have attempted two things, primarily:

1.  Tone down the dominant bright white (dress) with grey/black and white theme for heels and clutch.

2.  Though pearls would be a natural choice to go with lace as well as the grey/black and white theme, have tried a fusion with a rather offbeat pearl necklace pairing.  The chunky pearl necklace with metallic charms and glass beads lends this otherwise mono toned ensemble the much required and very current 'pop' of color.  

In this Look:

Breeze with Lace :) 

Let me know your comments!

Cheers :)