Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Scrapbook Look of the Day

My Scrapbook Look of the Day:

Please allow me to admit, I am a vibrant color person :) Have always been.  Oh well, much respect, admire and have my share of pastels but there's a soft corner for the bright and beautiful.

That said, we have had a few demure days; so, here comes with aplomb: this Purple Passion Look:

In this Look:

This Look is so much me :) Bright purple, strapped wedges, dangler earrings - my wardrobe staples :)  Animal print is still reigning, so there we go.

Did you know what took me the most time in this look? The earrings.  Took a mini eternity of sorts to find a pair that belonged with the look.  Like it? Flaunt it :)

Cheers :)