Thursday, 6 June 2013

Showcase: Party Essentials from Its Our Studio

Party Essentials from Its Our Studio:

As introduced in the last postIts Our Studio is curated awesomeness .. at its 'quirky weds functional' best.

Here is a showcase of my picks - three curated products to rock your party in style:

1. LED Shot Glass (Set of 2):

Want punch for your party?  Not just in the drink, silly.  Fancy shot glasses that illuminate as the drink is poured in to them? Fret not. Just party.  

The Flashing Lighted Shot Glass has an LED located in the base that flashes or blinks when liquid is poured into the glass. Its Our Studio quotes the Flashing Lighted Shot Glass as great for bars, clubs, backyard parties or any fun late night event.

Here is an additional, delightful, value add tip from me for our readers: using Shot Glasses for just drinks is unimaginative folks; ever tried using them for dessert shots and for decorating / plating your specialty dishes? Try them and lemme know .. 

Wonder how does a shot glass flash & light up?

The Short Flashing Shot Glass is liquid activated. Simply pour in your favorite drink and watch it flash. The Short Flashing Shot Glass will turn off once the glass is empty.

Each pack contains 2 LED Shot Glasses.

Price: Rs. 450/- for a set of 2 LED Shot Glasses.

Cash on Delivery & Free Shipping on the house.  Bought in? Buy Here ..

2.  Ice Tray Guitar:

Ever seen a piece de resistance? Look no further ..

This is cool! quite literally! An ice maker that moulds ice in the form of a guitar and comes with stirrers resembling the arm of a guitar.  Sheer music that, not just for the ears, but for the eyes too :)

 Made from food-grade silicone, with silicone's customary versatility, make a whole host of moulded desserts like jelly, custard, chocolates, butter with this, apart from of course, the ice cubes and ice based desserts.

Refer product listing for mould and stirrer measurements.

Oven, Freezer, Microwave, Dishwasher safe folks - can we ask for more?

Price: Rs. 775/- 

Of course, free shipping plus cash on delivery.

Stirred? Buy here ..

3.  Hopside Down Beer Glass:

Contra junkie? beer lover?  this one is for you ..

Double wall design, 7 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter, this is a perfect way to be head over heels in love with not just beer but also design and class.  Capacity is 12ozs.

Price: Rs. 1,450/-

Cash on Delivery & Free Shipping on the house.

Flipping already? Buy here ..

Its Our Studio also offers Gift Certificates customized by occasion - my favorites: 'Thanks for being there' & of course 'Your Awesome' gift voucher and 'Bulk / Volume' purchase facility for corporate gifts or bulk gifting - you could fill this form to avail the facility.

Reach Its Our Studio:

Happy designer shopping & showing off folks .. 

Cheers :)