Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere: IndiBlogger WeChat Contest: My Entry Number 11

My Entry to the 'WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere' IndiBlogger WeChat Contest:

Contest Question:

If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional.

My entry:

If I could connect with five or more people in a WeChat group, they would be:

1.  Head of the International Cricket Council (ICC)

2.  Head of the BCCI - Board of Control for Cricket in India

3.  My favorite umpire Simon Taufel

4.  My favorite commentator Harsha Bhogle

5.  Illustrious past players Sir Clive Lloyd, Sir Viv Richards, Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan

6.  Me :)

To discuss what?

YEAH. Who fixes 'fixing' in the game of Cricket?  Whose responsibility is it? How is it shared and coordinated?  Or, are we content moving from one scandal to another, thanks to a very forgiving and forgetting public that dearly loves the game?

Like it? Please vote for my entry on Indivine.  Further details on where and how to vote will be provided when voting phase begins .. stay tuned ..

Inspired? have ideas of your own? bring them on .. meanwhile, here is WeChat's Youtube link .. Check it out so you let yourself in the awesomeness ..