Monday, 3 June 2013

Yeh Mega Sale Hai Deewani .. Awesomeness on Mega Sale! Last Day! Rush!

Awesomeness on Mega Sale - LAST DAY OF MEGA SALE ON Its Our Studio

Its Our Studio is curated awesomeness .. at its 'quirky weds functional' best.

Browse thru the online studio, well, aptly called a studio, not a store, to find a range of designer delights that add zing to our otherwise mundane everyday lives .. unique products hand picked from the best globally. 

Ahem .. the best part is: Today is the last day of the ongoing MEGA SALE .. how mega do you reckon? A cool 25% off .. and here is how you go about claiming this today:

Click the '25% off' bookmark on any of the pages and the 'select to redeem instantly' window opens up, click the 'promo code will show here' and bingo, we are all set to go ..

Now, if that ain't fun, as favorite readers of this blog, here we go .. here is the coupon code for you:

To begin with, there is a host of 'Home Essentials', 'Office Essentials', 'Party Essentials', 'Gadgets & Gizmos' (I found this section very useful, no wonder the founder is a gadget enthusiast himself) as well as 'Eco-Friendly' & the rare 'Cool Silicon' products ..

They also offer Gift Certificates customized by occasion - my favorites: 'Thanks for being there' & of course 'Your Awesome' gift voucher as well as 'Bulk / Volume' purchase facility for corporate gifts or bulk gifting - you could fill this form to avail the facility.

Now, Awesomeness seldom is on Mega Sale .. and it seldom waits .. so, let's quickly get there .. & before you head there, here are my top three value picks to grab on the last day of mega sale:

1.  Hungry Hound Money Bank:

A cute hungry doggy that gobbles coins .. yup, bang on.  I can't think of a more rewarding money bank activity - though this product recommendation states for kids aged 7+ years, I frankly think it is apt for a generation that is thrift challenged; well, trust challenged should I say? wish those of us who lost money with financial institutions gave the money to this doggy which gobbles yes .. but safely stores for us to retrieve.  

Ideal to attract kiddos to savings as a concept. Anti-dote to grown-ups. Hungry for action??

Watch this video for a comprehensive product demo; what i like best: the demo of how the doggy doesn't react when only a finger is put in to his bowl - he is all charged up when coins are tossed in to the bowl ;) discerning doggy :)  could be yours for 25% off only today .. 

2.  Air Power Soccer Disk:

Wish you could play football in the air? Kick off with this ..

A fusion of air hockey and football.  20 cm in diameter, comes with surface insurance - ha ha, the lady of the house is gonna be happy - The disk hovers so it won't damage the surface your playing on and the outer-rim won't mark anything it happens to collide with :)

Kick, stick or bowl - just switch it on, place it on a smooth surface and choose your action!

Wanna demo?

Watch this video in full screen mode :)

Here's another one ..

3.  SiliBag - The Silicone Tote Bag:

Eco-friendly, reusable and very utilitarian - this single silicon injected as a whole bag is soft to touch and can hold anything from a laptop & tablet to grocery.

Available in 6 pop colours, can be flaunted at work, on a night out or a weekend outing to the gym or hypermart.

High on green quotient - yours as well as onlookers :)

so, time to go grab yours.. on the last day of Mega Sale ..

Guess that's been a bagful .. so head over to the sale here ..

Reach Its Our Studio:

Happy designer shopping & showing off folks .. 

Cheers :)