Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Limeroad.com Scrapbook Look of the Day

My Limeroad.com Scrapbook Look of the Day:

'Print Parade' is the Look of the Day, can't take my eyes off this:

In this Look:

1.  NOI Printed Layered Tunic Top

2.  K for Women Ivory Leggings

3.  Carlton London Trendy Fuchsia Flats

4.  Shaun Design Neon Floral Print Cross Body Bag

5.  Alessia Printed Ceramic Drop Earrings

6.  Toniq Multicolored Bangles

The star of the look, undisputedly, is the floral print layered tunic top.  It has such zest about it that it can brighten up any day.  

Quite like the way the floral print cross body bag and the oh so unique, printed ceramic drop earrings come together without becoming an overkill in the 'print parade' look.

My kind of trendy fuchsia flats :) 

Stacked bangles so very 'in' fashion right now, so stack some color there gal!

Spring in the look and song in the heart .. 

Cheers :)