Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Perfect Road Trip: My Entry 1 to the Indiblogger Ambi Pur Contest

My Entry 1 to the Indiblogger Ambi Pur India Contest:

hmm.. What's my idea of The Perfect Road Trip? The contest allows the author to choose the car, companion(s), route and destination :) The most memorable Road Trip wins!

So, here we go..

My Perfect Road Trip:

The Car: Mahindra e20 (formerly known as Reva NXR).   

The reason I choose this car is, to my knowledge, this is the only feasible and available electric car in the Indian market currently (I apologize if that is incorrect, please leave a comment and I shall stand corrected; but I understand that many brands shelved plans to come out with electric or hybrid cars in India, especially electric, due to many factors including lack of patronage and Government subsidy).  

This Road Trip could end up being very memorable for my City and posterity could remember this forever - so, I'd rather send out the message in an eco-friendly car. 

Without diverting us too much from the importance of this road trip, here is what the car looks like:

Picture Courtesy

The Companion(s):  

1.  The waterways minister for Tamil Nadu (India), my Home State.

2.  The Chief Minister of my Home State, Tamil Nadu, India.  

3.  A Driver at the wheel (since I would be doing most of the talking, arbitrating & chronicling notes of the discussion, prefer not to drive as well).

The Route:

Drive along the entire stretch of the Cooum River in Chennai; the river runs along for an approximate 16 km in the city across three Corporation of Chennai zones, viz, Kilpauk, Nungambakkam and Triplicane.  But, the Cooum river is ubiquitous anywhere you go in Chennai - its polluted stench very much a part of our lives!  There are a number of roads (with over bridges) that run along the entire stretch of this river and I am not aware of an area in the heart of the city that you can navigate around without encountering the river and its neglect!

It bleeds my heart to post this rather common picture of the river:

Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia

I would therefore, love to do this Road Trip, with the decision makers in charge, along this river, in an eco-friendly car, in Ambi Pur's safe haven air environment and show them around, first hand, the pollution, the probability of highly poisonous stench it has the capacity to generate, the degradation and the ugliness it bestows not just on this magnificent City but our pride as well!  Contrast the safe internal environment in our car, thanks to Ambi Pur and the electric car's eco-friendly attributes with the sheer decades of neglect outside. 

I would utilize this Road Trip to influence and suggest to them a cleansing and restoration plan that would put an end to dumping sewage in it and making it a navigable waterway across the city.  A private - public partnership can also be explored. Wouldn't it be such fun and pride to have a clean navigable waterway across the heart of the city?  We could all then also beat traffic jams and have water transport - open and enclosed :) And, of course, have Ambi Pur in our enclosed water transport as well :)  

If I can sell the idea through, I am sure the City and our posterity could remember and be thankful to this Road Trip forever!

The Destination:

Of course, I would like to end this Road Trip at the Marina Beach, Chennai, one of our natural assets.  Await my next entry to read for yourselves why I choose this destination :)

Like my idea of The Perfect Road Trip?  Please comment and leave your suggestions and ideas.  And of course, if you like it and want to, please do vote for my entry :)

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Cheers :)