Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Perfect Road Trip: My Entry 2 to the Indiblogger Ambi Pur Contest

My Entry 2 to the Indiblogger Ambi Pur India Contest:

hmm.. What's my idea of The Perfect Road Trip? The contest allows the author to choose the car, companion(s), route and destination :) The most memorable Road Trip wins!

So, here we go..

My Perfect Road Trip:

The Car: It has to be an Electric Car :) Well, if that becomes difficult, given the state of the genre in India, make it a Hybrid Car :) I'm a die-hard believer in living in harmony with the environment, so that is never gonna change!

The Companion(s):  Family of course - preferably spouse, parents :) The purest of joys are perfect when closer home :)

The Route:  Well, the aforesaid 'closer home' logic also applies to the route.  So, would love to take a long drive along the Marina Beach and get on to the East Coast Road in Chennai, India.  The best beach in this part of the world.  A nice, long, leisurely road trip. Pretty much from nothing to nowhere - as in, no agendas, no to do lists, no break neck speed or rush.  Just plain leisurely road trip. Already sounds like a 'made in heaven' trip.

In mildly drizzling rain, with the warmth of family, with snacks to munch on, with Ambi Pur to guarantee the internal ambience, with the longest strip of water in this part of the world to gaze on - what more do you need to make it perfect? I don't need anything else ;)

The Destination: Home, Sweet Home :)

We hit the Marina, drive along the beach, get on to ECR (East Coast Road), take in the sights and return back home before midnight :) 

Thank you Indiblogger and Ambi Pur for giving me the opportunity - yeah, right now, its a fantasy - but all accomplishments begin with daring to dream :)

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Cheers :)