Friday, 16 August 2013

A Woman As Beautiful As Her Work: Agam

Fashion Designer & Fashion Blogger Agam of TrimmingsAndLace

Agam, born and bred in Chandigarh, Punjab is truly a woman who makes her work beautiful  - literally, being a fashion blogger and a fashion designer with her own line!

A commerce graduate and an MBA in marketing, she started her fashion blog in April 2011 and her started retailing her fashion designer line, The TrimmingsAndLace collection from January 2013.

Agam always knew her work had to be related to fashion – clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery. As a young girl, she remembers not being able to sleep because multiple combinations and styling ideas used to run through her mind.

Having no professional training in fashion designing, the line is entirely a stem from her fashion ideology and experience. The line targets everyday wear needs for girls like you and me and hence is very reasonably priced (between 500 - 4000 rupees). All pieces are designed by Agam and she works with different vendors (based in different cities) for raw material. Further, under The TrimmingsAndLace Collection all pieces are custom made and exclusively tailored for the clients. The clients have an option to completely customize their piece is terms of colors, fabrics and prints.

Agam lives with parents in Chandigarh. She proudly states parents are the backbone of what she does, supporting her unconditionally. Her mother manages all work related to the collection. Her elder sister takes care of all strategic decisions and her father, is, well the major brain behind the operation. So yes, TrimmingsAndLace is because of her family as much as it is about her passion. 

Her work being her love, she quips she really has not missed out on pursuing a particular interest or a hobby. She enjoys reading books, drawing and sketching, listening to music, working out, playing with her pets, socializing et al. Besides, she enjoys cooking and keeps active with local theatre. She is also a research consultant with an American consultancy, so that makes for the work day :) 

You can view Agam's The TrimmingsAndLace Collection here:

This is one jewellerista (me) writing about another passionate jewellerista :) Though we do a whole lot of other things in life, our passion for jewelry adds the crowning glory to our lives.

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