Monday, 30 September 2013

Let's Explore: My magical, fictional land!

I am posting this in response to IndiBlogger Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition call for exploration :)

Thank you IndiBlogger and Tata Safari for this opportunity to present my fictional land for exploration!

I long to and often dream of being a citizen of this fictional land, which I pray that we all get to explore and live in, sooner than later:

A land of equality, opportunity and most importantly (being an Indian woman living in current times) a land of justice.

In my fictional land, these are the Natural rules of life:

Justice at the speed of crime

Healing at the speed of injury

Requital at the speed of love

Beauty at the speed of nature

Communication at the speed of thought

Shopping at the speed of impulse

Togetherness at the speed of longing

Travel at the speed of adrenaline

Exploration at the speed of curiosity!

Like it? 

Come, belong .. and Explore!

Cheers :)

Poetry In Stone! Thiruperundurai in Tamilnadu, India - Let's Explore!

I am posting this in response to IndiBlogger Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition call for exploration :)

Thank you IndiBlogger and Tata Safari for this opportunity to present an exploration of the cultural diversity of our ancient land India.

The Avudaiyar Koil (Temple) in Thiruperundurai, situated in Pudukottai, Tamilnadu is actually 45 kms off Pudukottai via Aranthangi.

A temple of immense history and architectural splendor, its purely poetry in stone.

We travelled by Indian Railways and took an SUV ride from Pudukottai to this much revered temple.

For those of us who much respect and draw from the ancient tamil text Tiruvasagam, this temple gains all the more relevance as this is one of the set of temples to be visited in one's lifetime.

Now, without taking another word or moment, please partake the architectural wonder - poetry in stone (I took these photos on my camera, with special permission and after remitting fees in to the temple's account in the temple office):

All stone sculptures are carved out of a single rock / stone with very intricate life-like detailing.

The sculpture above is a rendition of the Tiruvasagam story wherein Lord Shiva (to save his devotee, Manikavaasagar, the eventual architect of the text Tiruvasagam, a minister with a king, who channelizes money meant to buy horses in to building a temple for Lord Shiva and therefore is about to be persecuted by the King) converts wolves in to horses instantly. This is a celebrated story in Tiruvasagam.

Couldn't miss the intricate carving, including in the ornamental hand cuff! 

Attention to detail is exemplary - even the ring in the horse belt is carved to perfection, in stone!

A close-up picture of fingers, carved in stone, of course.

An intricately carved stone door in the picture above ..

The photo above depicts Lord Shiva having attained a form that is half man and half woman (Lord Shiva and his wife & companion Goddess Parvati).  To my knowledge, this is the earliest available act of diversity, inclusion and equality :) It is popularly believed that only when Goddess Parvati merges with Lord Shiva (and we worship them and seek them as a couple) that kindness and justice (typical traits of the Goddess) get bestowed on us!  This is him captured in his famous dance in the sacred site 'Tiruvaalangadu'.

Poet Maanikavasagar, the architect of the ancient and revered Tamil text Tiruvasagam.

The photo below is the perfect example and illustration of how real these sculptures are - the folded arms are carved to such real life perfection that real human beings can actually hold the arm of the sculpture! 

These are beautiful 'ring like' formation carvings in stone walls along the periphery of the sanctum!

A now believed to be extinct animal, Yaazhi, in the photo above ..

Ventilation vent like structures in the upper walls along the periphery of the sanctum!

Floral carvings on the ceiling, depicting various 'stars' (nakshathirams). 

Stories from the text Tiruvasagam depicted along the temple's inner walls painted in pure vegetable dye, lasting centuries! 

Kindly refrain from reproducing these photographs without my written prior consent.

Cheers :)  

Maroon Magic!

My Look of the Day, "Maroon Magic" from my Scrapbook:

Cheers :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Future of Shopping: How will we shop in 2030? My Forecast .. Smart Shopping! Algorithm Driven & 3D Printed!

For a Fashion & Lifestyle blog as well as blogger, there can't be a more enjoyable topic to ruminate, articulate and share: how I feel shopping would be in the year 2030! 

So, right at the outset, Thank You and IndiBlogger for this enjoyable 'Future of Shopping' initiative.

Here we go ..

Warning: You are about to experience high doses of social optimism, technological progress and fashion quotient (because the author, that is me, is a self-confessed tech oriented fashionista and jewellerista):

Year: 2030

Smart Shopping in 2030 - Shopping At the Speed of Thought (well, if you are a fashionista, Shopping At the Speed of Impulses): 

Much as smart phones have become our life companions in the last decade, I expect shopping to radically advance & translate into smart shopping a decade and half from now.

Human instincts, desires, impulses, intuitions will be received, analyzed and processed on a real-time basis by smart wearable gadgets and the entire act of shopping will be governed and executed through a 'Shopping Application (App)':

I expect 'shopping' not as a stand-alone act in the year 2030, but a rather real-time response to human instincts, desires, needs, impulses and intuitions - as and when they arise - duly channelized through algorithmic deduction - as defined and controlled by the respective shopper.  

Today's Human Brain that governs Shopping:

How I expect the Human Brain while governing Shopping in the year 2030:

How will this happen?

Human decision making, as much for shopping as any other human activity, is, despite our shopping preferences, still a 'process' - our impulses notwithstanding.

Typically, I expect that human desires, impulses, needs and intuitions as they arise in a human being (that is, prospective shopper) will be instantly felt by the wearable smart gadgets and thereafter be subjected to this algorithmic flow:

After this algorithmic flow, the smart wearable gadget will analyse prior user (prospective shopper) defined parameters in the 'Personal Shopping' Application (App):

a.  What is this month's financial budget and how does this prospective shopping fit in there?  Classifications: most necessary, good to have, indulgent, luxury.

b.  What is the category of item being shopped? Edible or Non-Edible, Technology, Fashion (Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry), Books, Music, Gadgets, Home Improvement, Kids, Vehicles etc.

c.  What is the user's prior experience, if any, with such purchases? Was it a positive experience?

d.  What time of the year is it - analyse the calendar with prospective sales season timings.  This will help decide if deferring the purchase by a certain time period will be beneficial with relative price advantage.

e.  After the flow chart above and analyzing the points above (plus similar points perfected by the App over a period of time and user input over time rendering it well acquainted), the App decides whether to 'park' the needs/impulses/desires/intuitions or 'Go Ahead' with the shopping decision.

f.  If the decision is to 'Park' the App, constantly and in real-time, evaluates every day and ultimately, when parameters are met, transfers it to a 'Go Ahead' mode eventually.

Now, before proceeding further with the flow of our 'Shopping App', let's pause here and take a look at what kind of smart gadgets I expect will govern our 'Shopping App':

Smart Gadgets:

Future Wearable Smart Phones and Smart Phones that can be called up from the human memory:

Wearable Geek Belt Buckles:

Electro-Chemical Sensor Tattoos:

Of Course, THE Google Glass:

Wearable, Fashionable Ear Aids:

Wearable Sensor Pens:

Very Fashionable Wearable 'Tech' Sensor Jewelry:

Wearable Sensor Wrist Bands:

Wearable Sensor Shoes:

Wearable Hand / Motion Sensor equipment:

One of my favorites, the very radical, Nail Watch (from Timex):

Wearable Sensor Goggles:

Regular, but sensor and software endowed Wrist Watch:

Optical Illusion Eye Wear (the eye wear physically doesn't exist per se, but the user calls upon it from human memory):

Wow! I can almost see you now wanting to progress, at the speed of light, to know what happens next ..

Right, here we go ..

Mode 'Go Ahead'

We pick up exactly where we left off, and rejoin the point where the 'Shopping App' decided it is mode 'Go Ahead':

Its time for Check:

The Check is a vital 'gen next' step in shopping.  It has just been introduced by ebay India very recently and I am pleased to report I tested it (it is installed on this very Chrome browser I am blogging this post from).

What is it?

eBay Check 

eBay Check automatically gives you the best prices on for any products you may be looking for. All you need to do is add eBay Check, the official Google Chrome extension from eBay India.
Next, let eBay Check work its magic.
  • Now, whenever you're shopping online on any site or even just researching a product, eBay Check gets into action and gives you the best price on available through an auto drop down.
  • Moreover, eBay Check also doubles up as a shopping search engine. Just click on the eBay Check icon on your Google Chrome bar and directly search for the best deals on any products on
  • Therefore, whether you are buying a product online or researching or showrooming (seeing the product in a showroom but ultimately buying it online), you can conveniently use this Check.
  • I expect the smart 'Shopping App', in the year 2030, to have this as a mandatory second step (the first step being arriving at the 'Go Ahead' mode).
How It Works:

- For now, download the Check App for Google Chrome browser.  In the future though, I expect this to be universal across operating systems, platforms, devices and a mandatory pre-installed necessity.

- Once installed, the browser will automatically have the 'eBay Check' icon to the right of your Google Chrome search bar (I now have it and this is how it looks):

Depending on the genre of the product in the 'Go Ahead' mode, the App will get the best deal and price on ebay for you - this therefore becomes a 
fundamental starting point against which you can evaluate all online and offline options.  Considering ebay is the widest collection of products on Planet Earth, you will most likely find pretty much everything for this App to find deals on, by the year 2030:

The App will get you recommendations even before you start the actual act of deciding which one to shop:

The best part is, you don't even have to be logged in to to start the search, you can start it right from the ebay search tab:

Now, today, you need to manually key in the search and the App does the rest for you.

In the year 2030 though, I expect the 'App' to auto go through this ebay Check as well and decide the deal for you - based on pre-set, user defined parameters:

- quality parameters

- best price parameters

- overriding parameters (example, if its food, don't always choose the best price, choose the named brands)

Now, the App will hit 'Mode: Purchase' and effect the purchase itself with pre-programmed debit/credit/cash card details.

What follows next is absolutely fascinating - I cannot wait to go to the year 2030 and witness:

Mode: Delivery - 3D Printing at the Shopper's Residence:

I do not expect 'physical' delivery for any genre of products except food and medicine.

All categories other than food and medicine will be 3D printed at the shopper's residence using an universal 3D printing machine that will be an indispensable part of every home and office in the year 2030.  The 3D printer, will, of course, be connected to the wearable smart gagdet (that governs the 'Shopping App'), through wireless mode.

Examples of such 3D printers and 3D printed products are as below:

3D Printer:

3D Shoes:

3D Printer:

3D Printed Color Changing Evening Dress (Gown) - Changes color based on the mood of the wearer:

3D Printing of Cars, in progress:

While some of these are examples as they exist today, which I expect to radically advance, improve and be put to universal use by the year 2030, the others are current examples I have stretched to be improved and available by the year 2030.

Hope you enjoyed my post.  Do share your views and comments.  

Cheers :)