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Happy Travellers: Around The World in Sporting Speed & Spirit!

My Entry to the IndiBlogger Creating Happy Travellers Contest:

I'm Oscar Wilde's 'Born Spectator'.  Often wonder if he wrote that for me.  An ardent sports fan - avid Tennis, Formula 1, Cricket and Soccer (Football) spectator eagerly following global schedules of each sport with, well, sporting passion & Formula 1 precision :)

Therefore, its very natural that my pick of global holidays for my family would revolve around these sports - my family too has fine taste in sports.

Here are four choice holiday trips I would love to take my family & friends on:

1.  Around the World in Formula 1 Speed:

You thought only Formula 1 (F1) teams and drivers can zip past at over 300 kmph?  

Read this post through to figure out I am perfectly capable of zipping the world with family and friends at speeds to rival, if not overtake, thanks to :)

I would like to engage to consult and plan this either as a single holiday (tough as I see it - but never know what the travel wise folks there might turn out) or as a series of holiday trips, carefully planned around the family's schedule and availability.

Here is a list of countries and circuits I want to visit with family and friends (as many live races as I can possibly catch, more the blessing):

In the order of F1 (2013) Calendar:

Australia - Melbourne - Albert Park
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Sepang
China - Shanghai
Bahrain - Sakhir
Spain - Catalunya
Monaco - Monte Carlo
Canada - Montreal
Britain - Silverstone
Netherlands - Nurburgring
Budapest - Magyar Nagydij
Belgium - Spa-Francorchamps
Italy - Monza
Singapore - the awesome night race cum street circuit is a MUST SEE :)
Korea - Yeongam
Japan - Suzuka
New Delhi - Indian GP (well, so what if I grew up here, this GP that made us so proud is worth a dedicated visit :)

Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina - this is number 1 on my list for a while now, what with its seven star circuit
US - Austin
Brazil - Sao Paulo

Each of these stops is a trip of a lifetime - countries, cultures, cuisines so vivid and diverse, yet united by the universal spirit of sport.  After all, its sport that teaches us it takes unflinching hard work to win and losing shouldn't turn us in to losers!

2.  A 'Love All' Trip to the Tennis Cathedrals - Home of the Grand Slams:

Tennis is my first love.  Its only apt that I take my loved ones to the cathedrals of the sport:

Wimbledon is and will always be every tennis lover's mecca, so that will be first in the list.

Followed by the French Open for its unique clay ambience.

Then followed by our very own Grand Slam, Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific, Australia (I might actually combine this with the F1 trip and the Cricket trip to MCC - Melbourne Cricket Club - because its ultimately the delightful Melbourne that houses it all).

Will close it with the US Open which, to me, arguably is the most contemporary of tennis cathedrals, what with aircraft overflying pretty much each volley!

This, I reckon, ought to make a standard pilgrimage holiday - or a series of holidays during the grand slams - for every tennis devout :)

3.  A Trip that will have us Caught & Bowled:

It used to be a cherished life dream for me to visit every stadium in the world that has hosted an ICC (International Cricket Council) World Cup Final - predominantly the 50 over genre, though, now the 20 over genre is as widespread.

My principal must visits include:

England - ya, how could one not begin with The Lord's :)

Australia - MCC, Adelaide are such delights.

South Africa - The Wanderers, Stadiums in Durban, Cape Town & Port Elizabeth (the tempting Knysna is such a welcome add-on) are must see!

The Caribbean - this is one exotic holiday :)

Sri Lanka - The Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, especially, with side trips to Kandy (remember the Tooth Temple?)

4.  The Dribble Holiday:

It would be such fun to take loved ones along to live matches in each school of world soccer (football) - arguably the one thing that unites most people in the world, more than any other:

England - The English Premier League (EPL)

South America - would love to combine this with the F1 Brazil trip and add on Argentina to the itinerary.

Germany - I am a German Soccer Fan, at birth :) So, would want to witness Bundesliga live, to my soul's content :)

Wow, hope you like my sport themed holidays for my family and friends.  Do join in .. more the merrier :)  Each of these visits will enrich and enhance us as world citizens, appreciating and cherishing diversity, understanding cultures, sharpening our adaptability and growing as individuals .. more than any education ever can.  

Thank you for allowing me this trip in to my fantasy dreams .. let's hope, together, we can bring it alive, sooner than later :)

Thank you IndiBlogger for being the fulcrum in my run-up to this fantasy trip :)

Cheers :)

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