Monday, 30 September 2013

Let's Explore: My magical, fictional land!

I am posting this in response to IndiBlogger Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition call for exploration :)

Thank you IndiBlogger and Tata Safari for this opportunity to present my fictional land for exploration!

I long to and often dream of being a citizen of this fictional land, which I pray that we all get to explore and live in, sooner than later:

A land of equality, opportunity and most importantly (being an Indian woman living in current times) a land of justice.

In my fictional land, these are the Natural rules of life:

Justice at the speed of crime

Healing at the speed of injury

Requital at the speed of love

Beauty at the speed of nature

Communication at the speed of thought

Shopping at the speed of impulse

Togetherness at the speed of longing

Travel at the speed of adrenaline

Exploration at the speed of curiosity!

Like it? 

Come, belong .. and Explore!

Cheers :)

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