Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Platinum Days of Love

What is Platinum Day of Love?

Well, quite simply, the day everlasting love is found - real love that can only begin, never end :)

The official website gives us further insight:

Platinum Day of Love, an intimate and momentous date in a couple’s journey of love when you discover real love that can only begin, never end. And it need not be the wedding day or the engagement. It’s never planned. The day you realize that you are truly meant for each other and there is no one else you would want to spend the rest of your life with.
Such a milestone in your life can only be honored with eternal platinum. This precious white metal is everlasting and promises to stay with you for a lifetime, perfectly symbolizing the love you share and the promise you make to each other.
Through this post, I intend sharing my perspectives; rather, I plan to expand the very scope :) Read on ..
To begin with, I ruminated & concluded there might well be Platinum Days of Love :)  Many of us can be lucky enough to be blessed with more than one such day - in our lifetime or in the lives of those we observe, love, admire or respect.
1. July 10, 1940:
No, I wasn't even born then - for that matter, pretty much all of us reading this & belonging to the blogger community wouldn't have been! 
Then, why is it my first Platinum Day of Love?
This is the day when Bharat Ratna M S Subbulakshmi (MS) wed her husband and lifelong companion & guide Shri. Kalki T Sadasivam.  

Yeah, I know, a Platinum Day of Love doesn't have to be the wedding day! Trust me, this just is a coincidence.  
Born in Chennai and from a musically inclined background, a trait so common to many of us who call Chennai home (Chennai is naturally home to a legion of music fans whose ability to transcend and appreciate varied genres is well known), I revere MS:
- For introducing and epitomizing 'Bhakti' (devotion) as a legit music genre.  Her contribution to this genre of music is unparalleled; she has left behind a legacy we deeply cherish. 
- For having sung a song 'Kurai Onrum Illai' (I immensely like) in the UN.  This song tells Nature & the Divine that one has no complaints or grievances whatsoever.  
- For deriving from, giving back & belonging to her husband with an unwavering commitment: would you believe that she gave no public music concerts after he passed away, though she lived 7 years, until 2004, after his passing away in 1997?
- For transcending so many limitations to become the first musician ever to be awarded my Country's highest civilian honor 'Bharat Ratna' (Jewel of India).  
I choose this day as a Platinum Day of Love for many reasons after careful study/reflection & out of sheer conviction; also, being someone passionate & musically inclined, these are my personal, though strong perspectives.  I apologize if any of my inferences / perspectives is disliked by any of you.  At the core of it, much like MS' music, is pure devotion and respect :)
(i) Platinum is generally non-reactive and the least reactive metal.  Platinum is also widely used in catalytic converters. So?
Well, in a patriarchy where girls & women face so many limitations that start right from the mother's womb, I very deeply admire Shri. Sadasivam, MS' husband, for his channelization of her musical talent & journey.
Sure, she was naturally talented; sure enough, she grew up in an environment highly conducive to the art.  
But, it is her wedding to him that proved a definite turning point in her life - she became immortal from a mere 'immensely talented girl'.  
Now, where does Platinum being non-reactive relate to this story?  It does..
It takes a remarkably secure man to even put up with a highly successful wife. He not just walked along - he showed her the way, he propelled her higher & higher .. accompanying her to Edinburgh or the UN.  I deeply respect that & yearn to see more and more men in my Country be proud stakeholders in their spouse's success. This is where Platinum comes in and deeply connects itself to this couple's remarkable journey.. agree?
(ii) Platinum is resistant to corrosion and is as such, considered a noble metal:

The orthodox couple were married 57 years with that journey taking MS through the very peak of super stardom not just in her Country but the entire world.  Nothing about her husband's outlook, guidance, unconditional support to her art or her commitment to him, in giving back to society (he was a very charitable person with deep beliefs in giving back) changed.  Nothing.  They lived totally unaffected by the ills & frictions that plague contemporary relationships of couples, especially those traversing super stardom.  Their relationship remained resistant to social corrosion and to many of us, noble.  

hmm.. agree? 
So, that is my principal and very first 'Platinum Day of Love'.  I pray, wish & long to see one of my own & for my Country women to have one each :)

Feeling all nostalgic & emotional? Me too ..
So, let's lighten up .. quite literally .. in Space!

2. A day in December 2013, on Planet Mars:
scratching your heads in disbelief? how can an unnamed day be a Platinum Day of Love? on Planet Mars? 
Remember the Curiosity rover? It was launched from the US in November 2011 and has been all alone on Planet Mars since; initially launched on a two year mission, it was extended indefinitely in December 2012.

Its an unmanned rover (all machine with no human onsite presence) - which makes it the only creature that we know of on Planet Mars.  Can you pause a moment and imagine yourself in its place? Wouldn't you long for company? 
India successfully launched this Mangalyaan on November 5, 2013.  The spacecraft will orbit Earth until the end of this month to gather enough velocity to break free.  

I expect the two to meet, therefore, on a Platinum Day of Love, of their own & ours on a momentous day in December 2013 .. now, get it?
I have been an eager amateur astronomy student for quite a while & am immensely proud of my Country's thus far successful Mars mission & very strongly believe Mangalyaan will make it to Mars. 

As with all true love stories, both Curiosity & Mangalyaan have experienced hitches last couple days .. only to get well today & resume their journey and tryst .. with each other, as I write this post!
Can you imagine the two - Curiosity & Mangalyaan - meeting on Planet Mars? Curiosity, alone for oh so long will find compatible company :) They will represent the best of Planet Earth's diversity, as a couple on Planet Mars & give back to their roots on Planet Earth :)  How rare is it?  Exactly as rare as the metal Platinum is, agree?  
So, let's pray, hope and wait for that momentous Platinum Day of Love .. not just between two human endeavors .. but for humankind .. for two planets, Earth & Mars! This, after all, could be the precursor of interplanetary travel :) Making it therefore in every way, a Platinum Day of Love!
ah .. as a reader of this post, you now want to come back to Earth?
granted ..

3.  December 31, 2009: Planet Earth of course:)
Now that we are back on Planet Earth, this truly is an Earthly love story. Mine.
With whom? with the precious metal Platinum, of course :)
Remember, at the outset of this post, I told you I plan to expand the scope of a 'Platinum Day of Love'.  Here I go ..
Why should everlasting love that can only begin, never end be just between humans?  Why can it not be between a human being and his/her passion? 
We live in times where our passion and lifelong interests take us farther than our relationships often do (though I want to believe in and trust that relationships will take us home); don't our interests and passions carry us thorough life and its roller-coasters? 
I strongly believe & have experienced this.
I was born a jewellerista (Jewellerista is to Jewelry what a Fashionista is to Fashion, for the uninitiated). 
With deep interests in anything jewelry - from clay, grass, glass, wood, fabric, precious metal to gemstones including diamonds - I have dabbled in every department of the treasure :)  An avid collector, a sharp observer, a loving designer, a demanding customer, a passionate owner - i am all of this rolled into one.
India traditionally excelled in Gold and many of us inherited gold jewelry.
Platinum though, is a different ball game.  As a jewelry precious metal, we - this generation - have been lucky to gain exposure to & be greeted with a seller's market in the precious metal Platinum. 
So, while I gained an insight and interest as early as 2006-2007, quite a few factors, ranging from Platinum's high price to lack of sufficient seller's market initially, meant I merely observed and waited.
Then arrived my very own Platinum Day of Love - December 31, 2009 :)  That is the day I acquired my very own Platinum ring set with a tiny 10 point diamond solitaire :)

I irrevocably fell in love with the fluidity of the piece & the metal.  I wanted more .. so carefully saved and researched designs ..
The thing with acquiring Platinum jewelry in India is .. I still can't design one myself, walk in to my jeweler's and get it made :)
There are lovely designs released by Platinum Guild International and these can be acquired from the authorized dealers.  But, when I sight the designs, I have to be careful to make sure my jeweler (who is also an authorized dealer) picks those designs up from Mumbai and brings them to Chennai :) Initially, he bought whatever he fancied :) Then, I had to request and train them (being a well known and revered showroom here, they are very well trained in Gold & Diamond, but it took me a while to acquaint them to picking the latest designs in Platinum :)
All that labor of love yielded me an exquisite necklace and pair of earrings .. i am usually an ultra possessive jewellerista who hates sharing her designs .. i am making a very very rare exception for this post and sharing the exact designs I have .. well, blame it on Platinum being very very rare :)
Take a look:

An intricately designed necklace, I have this exact piece - fell in love with its ethereal, royal & exquisite look :)  I cherish its half leaf design and the pave set diamonds .. so many of them.  It gleams on me and will fondly stay with me all my life - a reminder of how carefully I earned & saved for it, researched the design, trained my jeweler & finally acquired it :)
I have longed to acquire the matching bracelet-bangle but thus far, have not been able to.  Initially, the jeweler could not source it. Then, i have been dormant recently.  Let's hope my Platinum Day of Love continues to gleam and I add to my collection ..
Meanwhile, here is a photo bearing close resemblance to my earrings (my earrings are in the bank locker so got a photo as close as possible to them):

I love dangler earrings & was very pleased to select a pair with slender danglers ending in a diamond shaped platinum formation, exquisitely designed & gleaming :)
I would love to acquire more .. so hoping life gives me a chance :)
That's my very own Platinum Day of Love .. 
Well, I am yet to be married .. so let's hope that brings more love & Platinum my way when it arrives :) must remember to hint my blog to my future husband when he arrives :)
4.  November 12, 2013: yeah, today, that is:
This post is written for the IndiBlogger.in Platinum Day of Love contest. Special thanks to IndiBlogger for helping me get access to the site today because my ISP (Internet Service Provider) had a DNS glitch today that initially prevented me from access; a tweet to IndiBlogger's twitter account and pronto, they had reached my ISP's customer care & sorted it out for me :)
Nobody reprimanded me for queuing up to post on the last day of a contest; nobody advised me 'do this' or 'do that'.  They simply took charge & made it possible for me to just do what I love doing - belong & blog :)  Just the kind of partnership i crave for & cherish in life.  Allowing me to be myself and helping me flourish :)
I also received my first ever IndiBlogger badge (yeah, its a coveted virtual badge reserved only for winners and runners up of pan India contests); I received my first ever Runner-Up badge that you now can see proudly displayed on this blog's side bar :) I just can't wait to get my winner's badge.
So, in more ways than one, today is a Platinum Day of Love for me with IndiBlogger - I realized that I truly AM because I BLOG.  So, here's to blogging love that can only begin, never end.  
That brings us to the end of this post.  Hope you liked reading through.  I hope you actually fell in love with my perspectives and today can also be your Platinum Day of Love .. with my blog :)
Cheers :)