Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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Halt Winter in its Footsteps..
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Monday, 23 December 2013

Mom Ah Me Yeah .. My T(r)OON Story ..

Welcome to my post about my memories and adventures with my best friend .. my partner in a whole lot of silly crimes ..

For a born extrovert, it takes me more than a while to even think through and decide who should qualify as 'that' best friend for this post!

The final criteria that seals it is - that best friend who has been my partner in 'most' number of silly crimes and adventures in my life ..

Meet My Mom ..

Yes .. my Mom has been my partner in the most number of silly crimes in life and easily beats others to qualify as my best friend :)

I am undoubtedly the apple of her eye ..

She has always been there for me unconditionally whether i'm slipping in my flight up..

Or, falling through life's cracks ..

Plunging into a deep vortex ..

Or, when life's like quick sand .. I just can't extricate myself ..

Mom is right there for me .. to pull me up to safety ..

To show me the path ahead ..

To explain the pros and cons ..

And, presto .. there we go .. on our unique adventures in life ..

Meet Our Adventures ..

Come, belong .. to our memories and adventures ..

Now, what is central to any adventure? Yeah, state of mind ..

I am always on my Mom's mind .. no matter where, when or why ..

Even in the midst of a party full of people, we are so connected to each other .. that often, everything else pales in the background ..

Beauty Adventures ..

Mom is the architect of my 'crowning glory' .. yes, hair!

We have our own coconut trees and hibiscus shrubs in our garden and Mom diligently collects the hard core coconuts, adds sun dried hibiscus and gets them ground to a herbal coconut oil for me.

She is the beautician and judge of when I should cut my hair and how much .. now, this has been under severe strain in recent times because i have had lots of hair loss and we have had lots of consequent debates about if, when and how much to cut ..

When I need to ask 'mirror, mirror on the wall .. who is the most beautiful of them all', guess who is my mirror? My Mom.

She gives me the most unpleasant truths and the most joyous ones as well ..

Mom is the advocate for and partner in crime .. even in my beauty sleep ..

She diligently looks out for the lights in my room upstairs and practically waltz up to ensure late night lights don't cause my dark circles ..

I consult her before I embark on every beauty treatment .. sometimes, natural .. we are oh so attracted to nature ..

And, sometimes, God forbid, when my beauty treatments went wrong, Mom stood my savior .. literally hiding me from Dad as he got home .. lest I be admonished for playing with a naturally blessed skin tone and good health .. 

She understands its better to have waxed and lost than never to have waxed at all, what say? :)

Our Latest, Special Beauty Adventure ..

Recently, IndiBlogger had an engagement to get a Free Sample of Dove Beauty Bathing Bar .. well, they still do, so you might want to rush ..

I jumped at this opportunity .. ask me why?

Well, Mom loves to use the Dove bar .. no, for heaven's sake, I am not writing a promotional blog post :) 

Here is proof .. because folks know Mom loves it, she gets a regular supply from Family & Friends transiting through International airports ..

As proof for this post, I picked out one from her collection .. with her permission .. she knows I am posting this. This one is part of a lot she got from visiting family from Dubai International airport just a while ago .. 

You can even see the Gulf addressing and bar codes at the front and back ..

So, now that I have hopefully established how much Mom loves Dove, would I give up on this free sample? Of course not. I asked for it. 

And it arrived beautifully put together:

The pinkaholic in me loves that pink ribbon, isn't it lovely?

When it came, I surprised Mom by gifting it to her ..

Promptly, she asked me what its about .. I explained the #DoveFaceTest and Dove Guessing Game With My Friend ..

She then asked me why am I not trying it? I had never used Dove before ..

She took a reluctant me to the water .. literally .. (well, reluctant because I am very resistant to changing oil, soap, face pack, mousse .. the only things i change easily are nail polish and lip stick :)

I tried it on for about a fortnight and we surely played our own 'Guessing Game' adventure .. using Dove bar on one of my cheeks while continuing to use the older soap brand on the other cheek.

Which cheek had I used Dove on and which cheek had I used the older soap brand ..

Mom being the Dove expert she is, she found out in no time and presto, as a result of this adventure, we both now have SOFTIE, oops, SOFTY cheeks :)

Mom has always liked Dove for the soft and supple feel to her cheeks and skin .. thanks to this adventure, I got introduced to it .. she charges me that I listen to a blogging engagement more than to her .. well, well .. blame it on being a social animal ..

If you fancy such softie, oops, softy cheeks too and wanna find out more about Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar, get here to know more ..

Our Other Adventures ..

If you liked our aforesaid beauty adventures, trust me, our other adventures, while simple are as beautiful and magical:


While I was born a city gal, Mom was born a greenhorn .. with an inherent interest in gardening and all things nature .. only nurtured by her father and my grandfather.

I inherited her green fingers .. and well yes, she is always one up on me when it comes to gardening tips and tricks ..

We have been on countless gardening adventures .. growing all kinds of fresh flowers .. from plumeria and hibiscus to lilies and other ornamental flowers .. and often take great pride in offering them to all temples around this culturally drenched city of Chennai (or Madras, as it was called earlier). 


When Mom was my age, she handled a career, a family and of course a garden .. She is a fantastic vegetarian cook .. she can dish up delectable courses in a jiffy.

And me! The only thing I can cook up .. is .. a storm! Trust me.

Never the one to give up on me, Mom often joins me in the kitchen ..

Yes, a battle then rages .. 

Sample this: she once told me as I was cutting ladies finger carefully - "Listen, this is not a chemistry lab and you don't have to cut each of them to two by two inches.  Would you please speed up or we get to eat it tomorrow?".

So, there is much fire and we blow hot ..

But all that investment from her has meant I do turn out a dish or two ..

And, sure enough, test it out on her :p

Mom also constantly nags (well, make that 'stings') me .. about house keeping ..

And, takes me grocery shopping ..

Both of us still live in the hope of a day when I will surprise her with a pristine breakfast in bed ..

Hope they say, is the elixir of life! Ask my Mom ..



A gal writing this post with her Mom as her best friend .. AND, Football? 


I am an incurably born spectator with deep interests in tennis, football, cricket and F1 (motor sport). 

Mom, being my partner in crime, picked up the passion for football and we both have LOVED watching football on TV together .. most notably, the FIFA World Cup. 

While I watch both Rugby (I have even watched a live Rugby Rules match at the MCC, Melbourne) and Soccer, Mom is strictly a Soccer lover .. 

Of all the beautiful football memories Mom and I share, this one is very special ..

Year 2002 AD.  The FIFA World Cup.  Dad is an ardent football lover all his life and a Brazil fan ;( 

I was born a German Football fan.  So, Mom, naturally, is passionate about German football.

So, Mom and I rooted for Germany all the way through ..

Only to come crashing down in that horrendous Final match Germany Vs Brazil where (in our view) Rudi Voller's defensive tactics misfired and Brazil beat Germany in the second half.  Mom and I still relive the horror of Ronaldo punishing a spill from that ever reliable Goalee Oliver Kahn:

Trust me, Mom and I cried two hours after the final was over and the trophy was presented ..

Mom and I still wait for the day we will see Germany lift the FIFA World Cup .. yet again.

For the rather stoic nature, these are very beautiful memories I have with Mom .. and God willing, pray that we both should get to relive it with my child and her grandchild .. some day.


Mom and I often go to the movies .. Hindi and English predominantly and occasionally, good Tamil movies as well ..

I often win special premiere invites and we skip the queues to make a VIP entry :)

Though, we often end up ruining our make-up because what unfolds is not exactly what we bargained for ..


Mom is a trained classical (Carnatic) music singer.

And, I am her biggest fan ..

Mom has an enviable collection of her own concerts as well as of other musical greats .. I am well behind her in this regard ..

While I am blessed with a good voice, Mom introduced me to and I took to instrumental music ..

And, wait for the day when I will be adept enough that I can accompany Mom on her concerts .. and we can make great music together ..

Mom even today tells me a lot of mythological extracts and is an ardent devotional music singer ..

Shopping, in particular, Online Shopping

Did you know?  God made me to help the World Economy.


I am a major online shopper .. and, guess who is my partner in crime? Mom .. together, we have bought everything from mascara to diamonds online ..

Being a fashionista and more than that, an incurably passionate jewellerista (I design and collect jewelry of all genres) .. Mom is my only partner in crime .. through my lusting, acquisition and hoarding phases :)

Once in a rare while, though, she bans me from buying a jewel candy I oh so badly want ..

supposedly for my own good and life goes on .. until one of us successfully convinces the other.


I am unashamedly geek so its only algorithmic that Mom and I have had our share of technology adventures ..

I introduced her to the mobile phone very many years ago ..

and, far from being grateful, she uses it as a faithful tool to nag, aka sting me ..

I introduced her to email and online browsing ..

and that life staple, Skype .. so we stay in touch no matter where I am ..

I gifted her a tablet so she is all the more mobile now ..

Dining Out

Mom and I are foodies .. vegetarian foodies ..

And, i have loved treating Mom out to a variety of dine outs ..

In Good Times and Bad ..

If you think adventures are always pleasant, please allow me to tell you .. No.

Mom has been through a tough surgery last year and I stayed by her .. though it shook me a great deal ..

That is a summary of our adventures and memories ..

As I write, I am counting my blessings .. and am grateful for a whole lot of people, events and things .. including this Dove sample and Guessing Game :)

And, Mom makes me feel the greatest gift ever ..

Hope you loved belonging to our adventures and memories .. their magic is encapsulated in their simplicity.

If you like my post, please do leave your comments; and, if you are visiting me from Indiblogger, you could also vote for my post there ..

Cheers :)

PS: Copyright clarification:

As I am writing this post as part of the Dove Guessing Game with my Friend and #DoveFaceTest, I invested significant time designing these special, unique avatars for me and Mom - absolutely resembling our facial features and skin tone. Therefore, have copyrighted the avatars above :)

The title is a parody take on 'Mamma Mia' :)

And, you won't find my Mom's name here because .. her biggest identity .. as she likes it and I cherish it .. is being my Mother :) 

Mom Ah Me Yeah :)