Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tech YOGA shows the #BETTERWAY to Nirvana in the Geek Era..

As I set out to articulate this post on my everyday life with a tablet, a better way to utilize the future of tablets and my wishlist for an ideal tablet, the first thought that crosses my mind is: 

It is only from India, the land that gave the world Yoga & Nirvana that we can chart the #BETTERWAY

My everyday tablet story:

Yes, my life, as much as yours is dominated by gadgets in our geekdom.  So much so, there are more gadgets than people! 

The wake-up strain, aka sprain:

I strain my neck as I attempt to wake up to the tablet's alarm in the morning .. now, i have a heavy basic tablet that has only one mode: placed flat!  So, I endure every morning by straining my neck to reach for it on the side table, and search for it kept flat on the table and then snooze the alarm :)

How i wish i had Lenovo India's YOGA Tablet! It is multi-mode so i can tilt it, make it stand or ofcourse, hold it! I'd love to make it stand so i can just snooze it by touching :)

My day then unfolds with browsing and email on my tab:

Of course, I tweet on my tab:

Watch lots videos on my tab:

And, take my never-ending sugar dose on my tab: yepp, play non-stop games with Candy Crush Saga taking lots time:

Through these, i scramble across to charge my tab repeatedly during a day. Wish my tablet battery were as tenacious as me! The battery optimizer app is my most used app on both my tab and smartphone :) I am hyper about it! Wish i can pass on my energy to the batteries, phew! 

As collateral damage, I stay plonked most of the time when I am home because my tablet's immobility kind of infects me!  There goes fitness aggravated by more bits and bytes (literally :)

I understand the Lenovo YOGA tablet battery comes with an 18 hour battery life for a full day's computing use! hmm.. now, you know why i want it!  If I get one, will surely record my daily life with this tenacious battery and post it here and on Youtube so folks can see two eternally charged inhabitants of geekdom:)

Better ways to utilize the new Lenovo YOGA Tablet:

Just so that we can better appreciate what's about to unfold in this post, may I request that we first go thru the Lenovo YOGA Tablet Story and catch a 3D glimpse of it in this Youtube Video.

Right, we are now ready for the #BETTERWAY.

Solar Charge the Lenovo YOGA Tablet:

A #BETTERWAY can only start with our environment.  

I would want to always charge the Lenovo YOGA tablet only through solar charging.  In a tropical land as India, that should be the default: take a look at the myriad options:

Bonsai Inspired Solar Charger Sculpture Picture Courtesy

In Offices Picture Courtesy

In stadiums, auditoriums & theater halls Picture Courtesy

In open public places solar power charging stations Picture Courtesy

In the garden Picture Courtesy

In arid open spaces Picture Courtesy

Good that we would solar charge the YOGA tablet.  That is some start to our Nirvana as it were ..

Where does it lead us next?

I then see the YOGA tablet Bridging Divides: How?

Bridging the Bharat - India Divide:

Vast parts of rural and semi-urban India experience wide ranging power cuts in many parts of the Country.

The YOGA Tablet, empowered by its 18 hour life battery and powered by India's tropical solar energy can effectively bridge the Bharat - India and urban - rural divide by providing easy and continuous computing access to citizens all across the country:



Bridging the Unfit - Fit Divide - Take YOGA tab to Gym:

I would love to draw inspiration from the YOGA tablet's flexibility and take it to workout with me - be it at home or the gym.

Imagine, if all of us did it, Gross National Fitness Index will shoot through to Mars! 

In a culturally rich and vibrant land as India, I can see the YOGA tablet Furthering Cultural Reach: How?

Let's utilize the tablet's multi-mode ergonomics of stand, tilt and hold - particularly stand and tilt to webcast our umpteen music and dance shows.  I live in Chennai and write this post during the peak of the 'margazhi' season when our entire city reverberates with classical music and dance.  I would love to take the tab with me to seek permissions and webcast to a wider audience. 

Like it?

Read on .. now comes my wishlist for features I want in an Ideal Tablet:

You thought the Lenovo YOGA and other future tablets can only bridge the Bharat-India aka urban-rural and the unfit-fit divides? Think again :)

My cherished dream and wish is: my ideal tablet will bridge the ultimate digital divide and achieve multi-OS along with its multi-mode.  How?

My Ideal tablet will provide the option to choose any operating system - just choose, pay for that licence with a credit card and reboot to work in that operating system:


So, operating system convergence in one device with devices not being married to a monogamous operating system is my first dream for an Ideal Tablet :)

Next on my wishlist is a Foldable Tablet:

I want it to be foldable all the more for Women's Safety in India so we can conceal it in our inner pockets or pleats.  So, the attackers, God forbid, don't get to our devices first to disempower us! 

It will be even better if the Ideal Tablet, per se, has no tangible form but can be called up and will be illusionary: that is, it has no form - it will just be an output of a thought - and will optically appear:

I next want my Ideal Tablet to have emergency radio wave reception and communication including SW (shortwave) and LW (longwave) frequencies. Forget myriad radio stations we enjoy, in emergencies, nothing like being able to radio for help:

The next wish for my Ideal Tablet is a bit selfish :) Formed out of years of a fashionista's suffering.  eh? a fashionista suffering because of a tablet? 

hmm.. yes ..

I love well manicured and polished nails .. floral, pastel, color blocked even the latest spiked nails :)

So far, so good .. but ever tried operating touch devices, including a touch tablet with fine nails?  There we go .. welcome to my world .. its incredibly difficult to operate a touch tablet with fine nails .. men, here we come .. we will soon make gadgets that are for fashionistas .. trust me!

I play the classical musical instrument 'Veena' so I have to often strictly avoid nails on my left hand.  Now, i live with a tablet and smartphone so I have to avoid nails on my right hand. Where does that leave my manicure dreams? In the recycle bin, yes.

So, what is that ideal feature in my Ideal Tablet to debug this?

I want my Ideal Tablet to operate on 'Motion Capture' and 'Thought Capture':

I expect my Ideal Tablet to not require me to 'touch' it at all to command it.  

Yeah, I know there's a thing called voice command. No, i don't like yelling at my devices.  I am too well mannered for that!

So, i want my Ideal Tablet to be empowered enough to capture my thoughts and my motions and act on my thoughts, impulses and gestures.  Wow, my nails are already dancing :)

Scientists recently captured the thought of a fish, so I don't think my Ideal Tablet is very far away .. come on over, you sweetheart ..

Fish thought captured by scientists for the first time Picture Courtesy

Last, but not the least, i want my Ideal Tablet to be Self-Upgrading & Sustaining:

I want my Ideal Tablet to just make me pay for the next hardware version and upgrade itself.  No throwing away tablets or hardware.  No e-waste.  

Like it?

More power to my Ideal Tablet ..

Hope you enjoy my articulation .. i immensely enjoyed this post, written as part of the IndiBlogger Lenovo YOGA Tablet #BETTERWAY.

Let's get on to the #BETTERWAY ..

Cheers :)