Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My take on the 'Whys & Wherefores' of Studying in The UK

This post is about my recommendations for 'Studying in The UK' - if I had a choice, what subjects & specializations will I choose, where & why?

At the outset, let me put forth that options abound.

Refer http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ for the range of courses and study options available, practical advice and scholarships.  Advantages of an UK education as well as tips for post graduation phase are elucidated therein.

Well then, we are all set for me to provide my special take - yes, options abound.  But, I'm never the one to settle for anything less than the very best - so, if I had a choice, this is what I will choose:

Hope you loved what I have authored with much passion and research :)

As cited in the Bibliography section, I am a passionate literature fan (smitten by The Bard and doing theatre since the age of 14, in love with Jane Austen) and a born spectator with keen interests in Tennis, Football, Cricket and F1. I am also an opinionated social observer and news junkie. Therefore, this is my perspective of what I would love to study in The UK.  

There are plenty much options beyond what I have authored, feel free to visit http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ and ask the British Council for support.

This post is written for the IndiBlogger & British Council #KnowledgeIsGreat initiative / contest.

Cheers :)