Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Dream Libraries ..

This is my blog post for Edition 4 of IndiSpireIndiBlogger's initiative to empower blogging for the pursuit of intellectual happiness.

Topic for this edition is: My Dream Library.

hmm.. well, remember, I'm raised plural .. as already confessed in this blog earlier! so, how can I have just one dream library, right?

Presto, here are my dream libraries:

1.  My Dream Library of eBooks:

Yes, I will no longer have physical library for books.  I used to.  No longer.

Firstly, in support of the environment.  Lest you conclude I'm devotion worthy, let me go clean and tell you my second and more important reason: I simply couldn't maintain and manage :)

So, along with Mom, have given away 95% of my collection .. to Institutions, students and anyone who demonstrated a better discipline than me .. to cherish physical books.

That said, I love reading and articulating .. so, I would love to have a huge dream library of eBooks ..

I would want my huge eBook library on the cloud, ready for access anytime I fancy .. even better, I would love to enhance eBook library software that intuitively picks up books for me, reads reviews and places recommendations and schedules it into my calendar :) yeah, if only wishes were horses .. 

So far, so good.  Now, what are my other 'plural' libraries?

2.  My Dream Library of Music:

Born to a trained Carnatic Music singer Mom, I'm a musical herd .. enjoy wide genres of music .. its my soul food!

From Reggae to Sufi to of course the very divine Indian Classical to Bollywood music (as far as the lyrics are classy), music never ceases to engage & soothe me.

I would love, again, a large electronic collective - an eMusic library.  I already have a mini one in an Indian website which sells tracks.  I buy and they put it onto my virtual library.  

This one though .. in addition to being on the cloud .. will have to be, at any time, playable offline as well .. 

Yes, I would love software to do all the aforesaid usual chores for me .. but more importantly, also scan the world music and alert me for potentially pirated music .. so i can avoid them .. lest i inadvertently support the creed!

3.  My Dream Library .. of Fashion:

ha ha ha ha .. what did you think?

You'll ask a fashionista for a dream library and get away without a fashion library?

This one, though, for me, will be very real ..

Well, yes, I do know .. the world might call it a walk-in closet or wardrobe. But, for me, it will be a dream library .. of all things fashion .. apparel, accessories .. the list is endless.

This would not just be my only real library .. but also my legacy .. of everything collected so passionately, preserved reverentially & partaken oh so very sparingly .. it will be a museum that i leave behind :)

4.  My Dream Library of Colors:


Oh yes.  I think of me being privileged to be born a lady .. and immensely love hues and colors.

I want to have a rich legacy of colors, its understanding .. this again will be a virtual library .. accessible to all in the world .. and especially to those who live their entire lives across four or five solid colors! 

We do have Encycolorpedia but I would like a much more refined color library.

Something that does this for every hue on Earth:

Like it?

Those are my dream libraries!

Come, belong ..

Cheers :)

Raghurajpur: Giving Life to Heritage Indian Art

Heritage Art, anywhere in the world, clearly deserves to be preserved.  I have deeply adored & cherished heritage wherever in the world - be it Aboriginal Art in Australia or Bushman Art in South Africa (yes, I own pieces at my level of affordability, buying directly from the communities, when I traveled to Australia & South Africa respectively).

Now, India .. of all the places in the world.. is probably among the top three richest reservoirs of Culture and Heritage.  My view that.

So, how much should we cherish, respect & take forward a rich legacy we inherited?

Here we are .. largely caught in our own worlds .. often, leaving the future of rich Indian heritage .. guess what, in the hands of middlemen and sometimes, unfortunately, even those that take away cherished idols through smugglers :( That wouldn't be disgusting .. its plain disgrace!

This is a heART wrenching story:

Raghurajpur is a heritage crafts village in Puri district of Odisha, India.

A small village where every household is devoted to the art form so much that this poignant video has one of the artists rightly expressing how much fulfillment a completed work of art lends an artist!

Alas, how we wish we could all live on fresh air & fulfillment.  No, life requires food, shelter and education .. let alone medicare and other essentials .. all the more in inflationary times!

It is in this background that IndiBlogger's IndiChange came up with this initiative to showcase deserving causes in partnership with

This post is a tribute, in my own small way, to India's rich heritage, the artists who give not just life to art - but their entire lives to art, to IndiBlogger for inspiring us to belong to this Country truly & to Do Right as a campaign.

Laudably, the Do Right campaign has now raised funds to build a website for these Raghurajpur artists so they can directly sell their prized art instead of relying on exploitative middlemen.

But, when I invested time researching for this post, here are some extra suggestions / ideas I came up with, to further the art form as well as bring in more revenue to the artists.

First, take a look at some of the art samples:

Did I hear you say "magnificent"? 

Yes.  I gather Ireland has been very interested in this art form and has been an active supporter.  Thank you Ireland, we would love to reciprocate to understand your crown jewels (i.e., art forms) & support them as well.

Now, back to Raghurajpur:

I think, given how breathtaking this art form is, I first would want the artists to diversify.  Yes, they seem to largely be producing 'art' - the variety that can be hung on walls.  Yes, its magnificent.  But, for me, I want out of the box solutions to get them more revenue.

Here are my suggestions:

1.  I want to see Raghurajpur art on jewelry! Yes, i know, you will think here she goes .. the incurable jewellerista.

I agree, I'm born with a karmic connection to jewelry.  But, that is not why I articulate this here.

Take statistics: how much jewelry is sold the world over versus how much art is sold .. I am talking transaction numbers first and value next.  All the more in today's world .. where chances of more volume is higher than chances of selling high value items.

Sample some of these near jewelry Indian Art - they are from other parts of India, such as Rajasthan - but the Raghurajpur artists can very well adapt and produce breathtaking necklaces such as these - these are framed necklace artwork - I am talking real, wearable necklaces - trust me, will be a super duper hit:

Don't you already feel like buying them? I do .. I would love to, if required, be involved to help Raghurajpur artists adapt and start also producing jewelry pieces .. then give it wide coverage and help them generate revenues worldwide!

2.  I want to see Raghurajpur art on Fashion - Apparel & Accessories:

I want to see Raghurajpur art on apparel - Indian Ethnic, Western & Fusion as well as accessories such as bags, clutches, scarves & stoles .. not to mention artifacts (such as a Rajasthani example below - a table clock cum mobile phone holder):

All of us fashionistas will go out of our way to promote and buy.  I would further campaign on social media and we could look at possibilities of hosting special fashion shows .. garnering eye balls and eventually wallets from all over the fashion world!

Think about it and share your thoughts as well.

That brings me to the end of this post .. trying to add my little bit to infusing life to artists who give, not just life to art, but their entire lives .. to Indian heritage art.  Take a bow!

Cheers :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cast Alone: What If I am the last person left in the world?

Ever since Tom Hanks' Cast Away (I guess the movie is now 14 years old), I have been fascinated by this thought: for those of us whose regular sustenance derives more from online socializing than offline socializing, how much does offline social companionship mean - as in, having people physically around us? 

So, I am super glad that IndiBlogger's IndiSpire, an initiative to empower "Blogging for the Pursuit of Intellectual Happiness" (Yo!), has this for the topic of the third weekly edition:

How would you survive if you are the last person in the world ? #Survivor

I'm super thrilled to, therefore, title my post 'Cast Alone' :-D

Here's to my survival if I'm the last person left in the world:

First things first: I'm the last 'person' left in the world.  That means there are plenty of 'things' left in the world - all for me, exclusively :)

I will be super pleased about the following and will make full use of it:

1.  All the storage space in the whole wide world will be mine! Goodness me, that is a fashionista's cherished dream; imagine never having to give up clothes & accessories! I will start with the entire space in my area & city and slowly annex the entire world.  Already feel like a vintage emperor of sorts .. oops, wrong gender that, should be empress of sorts .. a woman who rules in her own right! hmm.. that calls for a diamond tiara! Point added to 'To Do' list. 

2.  Now, i am as much a geek as a fashionista, so that space annexation directly spills on to the virtual space as well - i never have to delete a thing or care about my dropbox space limit or my email inbox space limit.  Eventually, i will be lord & master of all the servers in the world, so its all mine.  I also never have to pay for an App download again - all the Apps that existed when the world was populated would exist when I am the only one left, so i will happily download each and everyone of them and play to my glee .. without paying a dime .. <happy dance> Not just that, I will have my username, therefore, as the first top scorer in every game's scoreboard <super happy dance>

That's quite some fun to start with, but let's get real & take a wholesome look at my situation as the sole #survivor:

The first few months, after i discover I'm the only one left, will be path-breaking; because, on the one hand, there still will be plenty of 'ready to eat' food & lots of clothes, goodies and things left in the world. On the other, I will tremendously grieve being alone in the world without my loved ones.  The latter will shatter me - so the only way for me to exist forward would be to convert my stay in the world - from thereon - to a 'mission' - with a definite purpose and time limit.  A mission I would think is endowed upon me by Nature, as 'the' chosen one. 

So, everyday, I will devote significant time to perform my own version of a 'penance' - to persuade and force Nature to accept my deal - that I accept this mission in return for one thing - upon a certain time, Nature will reunite me with my loved ones - it doesn't have to be on Earth - it could be beyond this world - it could be in heaven :)  Why a penance you ask? I'm raised on spiritualism & mythology and consequently believe penance makes Nature look up and take notice.

By doing so, I am attempting to channelize my deprivation and grief .. to a productive purpose - of taking upon myself - to do something for posterity. I will leave the world a better place when its time for me to go & hopefully, a convinced Nature, to start repopulating the world. By taking Nature's promise that i will be reunited with my loved ones, I will live with hope - of delayed gratification :)

That vital foundation taken care of, I will embark on dividing my time as the lone #survivor in the world - equally - between enjoying a world full of pleasures for myself - AND, making it a better place for posterity.

Now, even as I embark on those two fronts, what would I need first? Yes, companionship.  I mean, imagine not having anyone to RT my tweets, not having anyone to vote for my IndiBlogger posts, nobody to 'Like' my facebook posts .. how will I survive? Not possible.  

At this point, I would be oh so very much like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  I have an indelible memory of this role of his because I don't think any movie as intensely manifests and portrays the importance of companionship as this one does.  Tom Hanks adopts a football that he finds in his plane's cargo (he ends up solitary in an Island after, if i remember right, a plane crash - the plane belongs to his employer Company which is in the freight, transportation and logistics business).  He paints a face on the football, incessantly talks to it .. this trailer of the film has the football - take a look:

Saw it? Ain't it a cute football? With that brown face?

Well, that is not all - in fact, that is nothing.  Compared to this:

The intensity of that companionship is oh so poignantly highlighted - when - Tom is swimming back across a deadly ocean - hoping to get back to civilization - and, inadvertently, after making significant headway in torturous waters, he loses the football! Guess what? He goes back! Undoing all the effort in the torturous waters and sacrificing all the headway he made to get forward! He goes back .. desperately swimming .. until he finds the football floating & retrieves it .. and then continues his swim forward.   A scene of a few minutes .. in a movie 14 years ago .. stays indelibly fresh in mind as the finest portrayal of that life staple - 'companionship'.  

hmm.. i know.  No, don't go away .. I will explain why I had to do this mini thesis here ..

The long and short of it is: I will need companionship.  No, i am not about to adopt a football .. yeah, i know .. i will be the empress of all the Adidas footballs & football stadiums in the world (wow, I don't have to pay a fortune to get match balls of yesteryear FIFA World Cups - its all mine).  But, i m far too geek to adopt a football for companionship.

So, what will I do?

I will design (yes, alone, myself) a robotic clone for myself .. and name her 'Jeo'.  Because my first ever doll in life .. as a toddler (1 year old?) was named 'Jeo' .. and being the super loyalist I am, have named every doll thereafter as Jeo.  Oh, trust me please. I even have a tiny little Jeo with me .. i used to play with her when I was like 6 years or so .. she has lost a lot of hair, like me, but she's super cute - yeah, not enough time left now before this edition expires, to photograph her, then optimize that photo, copyright it and then include it in this post! phew, now I know why my posts take time .. to write as well as load <chuckle>

So, a la 'Second World' (the portal, dude & dudettes) avatar called 'Jeo' will be created .. she will be at my beck and call .. not even at my beck or call .. she will intuitively be there for me .. i will code, design & build her accordingly. 

Now, lest you have doubts about my orientation, I chose a female friend because I would love to have creatures that (a) understand, reciprocate, respect emotions (b) understand hues, colors, textures, fabrics, jewelry .. that's why a female avatar.  Nothing more to it.  See, as such I'm alone .. imagine having a 'Jo' avatar fellow who needs to be taught how mauve is not purple .. goodness me, I will go mad and get depressed!  So, Jeo, it will be. Not Jo!

That's nicely taken care of.  

Here is how I will make the world a better place for posterity - whenever Nature decides to repopulate - and repopulate it will, sooner than later:

1.  I will first learn to swim, drive and fly (aircraft) .. yeah, it will be a slow learning curve on trial & error basis .. but, trust me, eventually, i will.  So, until there's aviation fuel left, i can fly the aircraft across the world. To make it better for posterity.

2.  I will destroy all the nuclear plants in the world; the guns as well. Will torch them all & destroy all literature about them - so posterity can never rebuild them.

3.  I will digitize (remember, I am the empress of all the virtual storage space) all the finest literature, arts & science books in the world's libraries and store them for posterity - nicely indexed and summarized.  I will remove all references to crimes against women from them, so that, for the posterity, no woman will get raped or harmed.

4.  Every day, at the end of the day, closer to midnight (yeah, I know, i have to be my own timekeeper - but i will learn that as well - seeing the sun & moon), i will diligently blog - remember, I m now the empress - so, will take over IndiBlogger, Ahoy! Now, there won't be anyone to tell me closing times on IndiBlogger .. and none to threaten me my account will be disabled if i do this or that! Good riddance that, what say? Back to the topic .. yes, everyday, i will blog .. about what I did that day -- on both the fronts: pleasure & posterity.  Because, these blog posts will tell posterity my intentions of why and how i preserved what i did for them.

5.  I will try to 'procreate'. I am raised with a fairly good understanding of mythology - The Ramayana being my favorite.  Procreation is regarded a duty there.  Its our duty to procreate, in a limited manner, to keep the world going. Also, remember, we are the generation that believes in doing it ourselves? So, why wait for Nature to repopulate the world.  I will raid the sperm banks of the world .. and search for George Clooney, Shahrukh Khan or Brad Pitt's legacy .. and try and have a baby along the way.  I will try to experiment with mixing the underlying genes in these legacies .. because I would love a combination of Clooney's intellectual appeal, Khan's energy & intensity and Pitt's dashing good looks!

6.  I will destroy all the physical money in the world .. I wouldn't want posterity to have ills like black money, money laundering et al. Let them evolve their own trade mechanisms starting from barter .. that way, at least, it will be a few centuries before these evils take over ..

7.  I will, finally, have to learn to cook .. remember, the 'ready to eat' stuff in the super markets will all expire sooner than later .. so, like the cave (wo)man, i have to learn to cook .. wait a minute, how is this gonna help posterity, you ask? Well, if i don't learn & impart that to my baby & my avatar, how will posterity learn to cook? Nature hardly sends us to the world with the fish .. right? Nature expects us to learn to fish.  And that learning needs to be imparted in this world .. by each generation, on to its next .. Got it?

hmm.. its already a lot of hard work isn't it?

So, now, let's see how I will have fun - how will i please myself? Oh dear, i can't wait for all of this to happen ..

1.  I will have unrestricted access to all the jewelry in the world .. and, i don't even have to bother about paying for them or storing them .. so, to my heart's content, will wear new jewelry every hour .. gems & precious metals to glass, clay, acrylic and natural materials like shells .. sample this shell necklace I made at a beach:

Now you know I'm made for it :)

2.  I will design & make trendy new clothes with environment friendly material, model them myself, make videos and do regular vlogs (video blogs) for posterity.  Move over Paris & Mumbai .. i will run the future ramps! 

3.  I will learn to make music with all the instruments that are in the world .. 
4.  I will sleep to my heart's content .. wake up whenever i want to (deadline what?) ..

5.  I will ride a bicycle where I formerly couldn't even have imagined .. on the erstwhile busiest roads in the world :) (the only jam in my world would be on the bread .. not on the roads.  Traffic jam what?)

That's a brief (!) survival guide by yours truly.  Hope you like it .. let me know your thoughts :)

Cheers :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Scanning the skies for a date with FIFA 2014, Brazuca!

If you ask an ardent football fan to choose a destination to travel to, in 2014, the number one answer will be: all roads lead to Brazil! FIFA World Cup 2014!

If God ever were to ask me to list my top 10 most memorable moments in life, one of them surely would be an unfading memory of video clips of the German front line of Klinsmann, Voller & Matthaus charging forward :) Yes, i was born an irrevocable German football fan .. in India :)

That's sealed as it were .. so without much ado, here is how i smart planned my trip to FIFA Brasil 2014:

What dates to travel?

Well, I zeroed in on the initial fortnight of the Football World Cup fiesta because that is where I would get to see the length, breadth and depth of world football, as it were.  

So, depart 10th June 2014, return 25th June 2014.

Which airport to travel to?

I studied all the FIFA 2014 World Cup stadiums and zeroed in on Rio de Janeiro as my arrival city because the majority of the stadium cluster lay around it :) 

How to get the best flight, hotel & car deals?

Skyscanner: #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner:

I signed up and set up an account with Skyscanner and started my search upfront, with flights, from my city to the chosen Rio de Janeiro airport.

I love the simple & fast user interface; throws up a plethora of results, neatly sorted (on a variety of parameters such as price, flight duration etc.) and summarized in a few seconds; needless to say, i have the option to choose my language and currency right at the top.

That clearly gives me the best price for the shortest duration with either a single stop or two stops.  It also gave me the pricing by airline, so in case I have a preferred airline & was willing for that price, I could go with it! cool. 

I will settle for Rs.143,380 - two stops - Emirates + GOL linhas from Chennai to Rio de Janeiro.  Two stops is preferable because it is a long, 21 to 24 hour journey, I personally would love to step out and breath in fresh air at least once in 10 hours :) 

I absolutely loved that Skyscanner offered to send me an email alert if the prices change:

Very practical, useful and well thought out. Thank you, opted for it.

Super pleased with the flight search, its time to look ahead ..


The very next tab on the user interface is 'hotels':

It takes me less than ten seconds to search hotels in Rio de Janeiro and sort and analyze them on as many as six parameters - popularity, price, distance to centre (much appreciate this parameter), name, rating and stars :)

As a woman traveler going solo as things stand, I much appreciate the finer details like safety, how centrally located it is; also find the 'breakfast included' upfront detail very useful.

Car Hire:

Now, I would most likely hail a cab when i reach, but since the next tab is 'Car Hire' i was tempted to try it out on Skyscanner:

I quite like that it gives me options by car type and illustrates it with the actual car model! How cool is that! Well, i m not even a car aficionado & certainly not a guy & yet this thrills me :)

A further illustration that I found the site very well thought out, practical and intuitive is:

I can save all my 'Recent Searches' in my account - to be refreshed whenever I want:

Oh boy, believe you me, that is pretty much all three legs done in a few minutes.

Super cool!  But, wait .. in today's age, what's a deal without comparing it to death - given the Internet and search powers vested in us! 

So, I decided to check out a few sites to compare if I indeed have the best deal:

Comparison 1 - Expedia:

Used the same coordinates - dates, departure and arrival cities:

Here is what I got:

I don't like that it asks me to 'Select' an option to show the price! I would have loved for it to, by itself, give me the price for all the options it throws up.  I like my Apps to work hard for me - not the other way round.  

Also, the minimum duration Expedia shows me is 28 hours as against Skyscanner's 21 hours, for departure.

Anyways, after selecting that 28 hour duration flight, I get my flight option for Rs.426,329.  That alarms me because it is almost 3 times as what Skyscanner gave me!  And, there are a lot many stop-overs here, to my liking: no, i wouldn't want to stop that many times for fresh air.  The pricing actually sent me reeling to check if I indeed selected the same and correct coordinates! To my dismay, yes, i did!

So, I just park it in a window and move on to the Hotel:

Fortunately, with the Hotel, its not a price shock - this in fact is very marginally lower (Rs.7000 lower) than what Skyscanner gave me. BUT, to begin with, this gives me room rate per day - hello, i already told the user interface I am staying for 15 days! So, why should i be made to work hard to multiply? 

Secondly, It states nothing about the hotel - safe, centrally located etc. as stated in Skyscanner - and also doesn't mention if its 'breakfast included'.  So, given I'm the kind of person who places a premium on upfront details, I decide to go with Skyscanner - for both flights (that is a no-brainer choice anyways) as well as the hotel.

Comparison 2: Make My Trip:

Same dates, same cities:

It throws up a more expensive option for the same airline, at Rs. 190,648.

Now, I move to the Hotel search:

I carefully input the same cities and dates, but alas, it kept processing and threw up this screen:

I am far too adamant to give up there, so I try again, upon which, it asked me this:

Yes, please .. i am sure i want to stay 15 nights .. its glorious football on the anvil, you see.

No way out .. it never gave me a hotel option .. I did the entire comparison and search between 20:00 hours and 21:00 hours IST today, so don't know if they had a site / server down time.

So, that's that  .. Skyscanner clearly provides me the cheapest, most optimized and what appears to be a well-thought out & practical trip. 

Here a few more things I found noteworthy on Skyscanner:

There are APPS for every platform: 

All APPS are free and come in as many as 29 languages and 70 currencies. So, i wouldn't even need a PC to use the site - can comfortably do it from any mobile device be it a smartphone or a tablet or a phablet!

Hope you like the smartie pie trip I just planned for myself.  Go get yours :)

I have saved this trip on Skyscanner in my account, in my recent searches.. I need to set life's itinerary a bit before finalizing the booking you see :) But, trust me, this is so tempting that Skyscanner, i almost already ended up booking! Seamless, intuitive and very practical.  I appreciate that they dive deeper to get me the most value-for-money deals.

So, wish me that my life's itinerary can accommodate football this year :)

This post is written for the IndiBlogger Skyscanner #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner campaign.

Cheers :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Malaysia Fantasia - My dream Malaysian Trip

Remember the Malaysia Truly Asia Campaign? 

One of the impressive tourism campaigns in recent times.  

Here is a sneak peek - the latest avatar:

Lot of options there, but here are my dream 5 things to do in Malaysia:

1.  Formula 1 - Malaysian GP - Sepang International Circuit:

Well, for an ardent sports fan & especially F1 at that, its almost religious to first visit the GP circuit.  I would love to visit during the race week and have a live race experience; if that is not the way it goes, I would at least - even if its off-season, love to take a lap around the circuit and soak in there.

I have loved being at the Australian GP venue, the scenic Albert Park and its only right that my next F1 stop should be the Malaysian GP!

The weather is quite intriguing at the circuit, blowing hot & cold at truly F1 speed :)  

The Sepang International Circuit is among the most technical of F1 circuits & despite long straights & some tight turns, I innately like its room for overtaking; i personally love overtaking & tracks that inherently permit it because they are designed wider.  Otherwise, we'll get to see overtaking in F1, like, once in a blue moon <sigh>!

So, F1 will be my number 1 dream stop in Malaysia.  It would be a dream come true if i can be there during the race & if I can see my current favorites Red Bull Racing & Sebastian Vettel get to a P1 finish :)

The 2014 Petronas Malaysian GP is scheduled for March 28-30.

2.  Fruits & Flora:

Regular readers are quite aware I love gardening, thanks to my Mom :)  Mom & I cultivate a good range of natural flowers in our garden & take great pride & fulfillment in providing them to temples, far & wide.

My natural bent of mind will draw me towards the flora & fruit farm attractions in Malaysia.  It would be lovely to have Mom accompany me.  She would do a thesis of sorts on the natural habitat!

With 370 fruit species in its orchards, Malaysia's Fruit Farms will definitely be my next stop.  Very curious to see mangosteens, dragon fruits, pomelos & exotic varieties of the 'king of fruits' durians in their natural habitat.


                                             Source                                              Source

                                             Source                                               Source

Malaysia, blessed with one of the world's oldest rainforests & one of only 12 mega-biodiversity countries in the world, is naturally rich in flora.

I would love to take fulfilling days of visits to the rainforest habitat and to parks and gardens.

The Kinabalu Park & the Penang Botanic Gardens would certainly be on my itinerary.


I would be particularly interested, also, in the Taiping Lake Gardens:

The Taman Mini Malaysia Cultural Park near the town of Ayer Keroh would draw me for my interest in traditional architecture & way of living:

3.  Heritage Trails:

Talking of culture, I would definitely take a heritage trail like the Ipoh Heritage Walk through the historic portions of the city.  Highlights include a century old railway station, town hall & post office :)

Historic Melaka, a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO, is just what I would love to explore by foot, at my speed, soaking in the culture & history.

I would click pics in these river-view Malacca painted houses:

4.  Shopping:

Ah, take a fashionista where you will, its tough to take shopping out of a fashionista :)

I would, for sure, frequent malls, stores and its mandatory for me to always indulge in street fairs, flea markets and country markets.


Central Market, Petaling Street and Sunway Pyramid will surely see me!

5.  City Entertainment - Genting Highlands, Panang:

They say fun never stops at Genting, City of Entertainment, perched atop the cool, breezy Genting Highlands.  At 2000 m altitude, this proves Malaysia is much more than Truly Asia - its also a feel of Europe :)

Golf, magic, theme parks, ice-skating rings, shopping and food fiesta on the anvil :)

Like my dream trip Malaysia Fantasia?

You could dream up your own right here, thanks to Tourism Malaysia!

Stay tuned for me to give you live updates & Malaysia through my eyes ..

I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with

Cheers :)

Note: Any pictures above without an immediate source quoted belong to Tourism Malaysia.