Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Color, Color .. What Hair Color?

My previous post played with hairstyles whereas this post is exclusively dedicated to the hues & colors I like for my hair to play with.

Most of my friends & readers of this blog know I intrinsically love hues and colors; colors define my world, as a fashionista.  However, if there is one aspect of mine that has stayed monochrome, yes, you guessed it, its my hair. 

I would love to color my hair - more importantly color highlight my hair in a wide variety of hues.  But, for the sheer chemical impact and the resultant hair fall, I dread coloring and have to keep away from it - more often than not :'-C

Well, just take a look at the variety of options:

The staple - Brown:

The Spectrum - Ash to Mahogany:

Getting Metallic - Especially Copper:

Getting Floral - We are edging towards Pink:

VIBGYOR for my hair:

Blue Highlights for my hair:

Watching this Dove Play Video recently sent a rush of colored hopes through me:

After watching the merry abandon in the video, so feel a longing to now go get my hair colored; its time for #DovePlay!

If we crave for color for our hair, we no longer may have to settle for hair extensions (wow, what a relief that would be)! And, instead, proudly flaunt our own hair, highlighted with a palette of our choice! Three Cheers [Hip, Hip, Hurray]^3

Hope you found the color play for my hair exciting :) 

I guess you might be smitten as well, so go #DovePlay :)

This post is written for the IndiBlogger Dove 'Go Play' campaign.

This #DovePlay Salon voucher, should i win it, will be sumptuously utilized in, yes, that's right, colored highlights for my crowning glory :)

Cheers :)

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