Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hairstyle A Day: My 'Play to Win' Way

I famously call myself a Born Spectator .. well, for someone who did play sports actively earlier on, these days, I'm largely a spectator .. watching Tennis, Cricket, Soccer and Formula 1.  

Whilst that is an enjoyable facet, along the way, more recently though, I have become an unexpected spectator to something I rather not be a spectator to but a player in: Hair Styling!

eh! a spectator & Hair Styling? Why?

Well, given the amount of hair fall I experience, I can only afford to watch other people style their hair. I can't afford to style mine as I want to - for the fear of losing more and more hair.  So, I only can most often tie up my hair with a humble band, into a simple ponytail. 

Any girl will tell you, among the top 3 things that can, for sure and instantly perk us up - a fond hair style, favorite lipstick and jewelry :)

I would ideally like a hairstyle a day; but with that comes the risk of losing hair, given the underlying handling of delicate, precious hair in various formats - curled, straight, short, medium, perming, ironing etc.  If I had an insurance against hair fall, here are a few hairstyles I would love to sport - one a day; you could fit your face to these as well and pick your favorites - that is why I have presented just the hairstyles as the main stars :)

As always, being a classicist at heart, I start with the classic & vintage styles and get contemporary or even gothic, thereafter:



<Deep sigh!>

Now, if only insurance were available can I and we style one a day :) 

Here is a Dove Play video that promises insurance - take a look:

hmm.. an air of #DovePlay liberation that?

Wow, that seems a licence to not only sport a hair style a day, but  do the following:

Yes.. i have been petrified washing my hair of late .. lest my hair becomes 'the late'!  With insurance and assurance, I would love to wash my hair as often as I please!

The next in my wishlist is to dare the winds :)  When was the last time i stepped out without tying up my hair all safe, lest the winds rob of me of a few precious strands? Now, i will, with full insurance & assurance ..

That would be, in the election season, my equivalent of demanding & voting for - the fairy tale - lo & behold - AND GETTING TO LIVE IT!

Hope you enjoyed my playing with hair :)

Now, Go Play, or should we say #DovePlay ..

This post is written for the IndiBlogger Dove Go Play campaign.

I am playing to win, remember? 

Would love to utilize the #DovePlay salon voucher for a nice, hmm.. guess what? yeah, Hair Spa :)

Cheers :)

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