Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hypothesis: What If I am back from the dead!

Well, as part of IndiBlogger's IndiSpire, we blogged about 'undoing history' in the first week.

I guess we are rightly the 'Undo' generation because, the topic for the second edition that ends today, interestingly is also an 'undo' topic - #BackFromTheDead :)

Waking up from the dead and watching how life unfolded without me:

My jewelry, I observe upon waking up from the dead, has been oh so loyal to me and has haunted the attempted wearers so much that my jewelry effectively lies unworn, waiting for me :)  Now, tell me, ain't it a better bet investing in them? ;)

I notice inflation and corruption have ruined life so much that I am actually thankful, for not having been there; as a consequence, I now immediately start looking for coaching help 'how to cope'!

In my earlier times, I only paid for water - i notice, now, people are also paying for air!

Earlier, seasons used to be a pre-declared four.  I notice that now seasons are undefined and are 'selfies' themselves - as Nature decides to click at a given point in time!

I notice justice now happens in my Country, particularly for crimes against women, at the speed of crime - making my waking up from the dead that much worthy!

Ah, to my delight, I notice there isn't any longer a thing called 'twitter jail'. And I notice a generation that just doesn't seem to value the option to tweet non-stop without a 'jail' restriction :)  I plan to seize the opportunity and write an e-book on 'Travails in the times of Twitter Jail' ;)

I notice folks have started taking inter-planetary vacations with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars being the most sought after and peak-time spacecraft fares have shot through - well, the space!

Hmm.. that leaves me a mixed bag as i wake up from the dead and watch how life has unfolded without me .. should i opt to stay or should i get back to 'after life' mode?  

What is your take?

Well, i ideally want to narrate a few more 'waking up from the dead' observations, but guess what, time is running out .. yeah, the first and foremost trouble in waking up is i get back to 'time's clutches'!  And, i don't want to miss the edition to submit this post :)

Hope you relished my waking up rendezvous :)

Cheers :)

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