Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Dream Libraries ..

This is my blog post for Edition 4 of IndiSpireIndiBlogger's initiative to empower blogging for the pursuit of intellectual happiness.

Topic for this edition is: My Dream Library.

hmm.. well, remember, I'm raised plural .. as already confessed in this blog earlier! so, how can I have just one dream library, right?

Presto, here are my dream libraries:

1.  My Dream Library of eBooks:

Yes, I will no longer have physical library for books.  I used to.  No longer.

Firstly, in support of the environment.  Lest you conclude I'm devotion worthy, let me go clean and tell you my second and more important reason: I simply couldn't maintain and manage :)

So, along with Mom, have given away 95% of my collection .. to Institutions, students and anyone who demonstrated a better discipline than me .. to cherish physical books.

That said, I love reading and articulating .. so, I would love to have a huge dream library of eBooks ..

I would want my huge eBook library on the cloud, ready for access anytime I fancy .. even better, I would love to enhance eBook library software that intuitively picks up books for me, reads reviews and places recommendations and schedules it into my calendar :) yeah, if only wishes were horses .. 

So far, so good.  Now, what are my other 'plural' libraries?

2.  My Dream Library of Music:

Born to a trained Carnatic Music singer Mom, I'm a musical herd .. enjoy wide genres of music .. its my soul food!

From Reggae to Sufi to of course the very divine Indian Classical to Bollywood music (as far as the lyrics are classy), music never ceases to engage & soothe me.

I would love, again, a large electronic collective - an eMusic library.  I already have a mini one in an Indian website which sells tracks.  I buy and they put it onto my virtual library.  

This one though .. in addition to being on the cloud .. will have to be, at any time, playable offline as well .. 

Yes, I would love software to do all the aforesaid usual chores for me .. but more importantly, also scan the world music and alert me for potentially pirated music .. so i can avoid them .. lest i inadvertently support the creed!

3.  My Dream Library .. of Fashion:

ha ha ha ha .. what did you think?

You'll ask a fashionista for a dream library and get away without a fashion library?

This one, though, for me, will be very real ..

Well, yes, I do know .. the world might call it a walk-in closet or wardrobe. But, for me, it will be a dream library .. of all things fashion .. apparel, accessories .. the list is endless.

This would not just be my only real library .. but also my legacy .. of everything collected so passionately, preserved reverentially & partaken oh so very sparingly .. it will be a museum that i leave behind :)

4.  My Dream Library of Colors:


Oh yes.  I think of me being privileged to be born a lady .. and immensely love hues and colors.

I want to have a rich legacy of colors, its understanding .. this again will be a virtual library .. accessible to all in the world .. and especially to those who live their entire lives across four or five solid colors! 

We do have Encycolorpedia but I would like a much more refined color library.

Something that does this for every hue on Earth:

Like it?

Those are my dream libraries!

Come, belong ..

Cheers :)

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