Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Aish Karo with Cashkaro.com

Aish Karo, in Hindi language, colloquially stands for 'Have Fun' or 'Enjoy'.

Its only natural that I found Aish Karo rhymes perfectly with Cashkaro :)

I recently had super fun & enjoyed myself shopping online with Cashkaro.com:

Cashkaro is India's largest Cashback site!

While they offer cashback and coupons on a range of genres - restaurant offers, product deals etc., being a fashionista means I invariably end up with apparel or jewelry first!

Cashkaro.com is running a very inviting cashback offer for Myntra.com - you can find it in the Cashkaro Myntra store offers page.

That is Rs.240 cashback the first time someone gets on to Myntra from Cashkaro & shops for a minimum of Rs.400 :)

For subsequent visits to Myntra from Cashkaro, Rs.112 cashback per order :)

That is an assured Rs.240 or Rs.112 for every order of minimum Rs.400!

If you think its a handsome deal, wait, the icing on the cake is: we could use this cashback offer along with any of Myntra's current running deals; which is what I did!

Myntra ran a 'Flash 60% off' sale (just watch out for the next) and I went through Cashkaro and shopped.  

See the results:

Myntra Order applying their Flash 60% off coupon:

The first of the 2 part shipment arrived in less than 24 hours from Myntra! 

Its what I call bliss home delivered in boxes - take a look:

I love Myntra's Dressberry for its feminine silhouettes & liberal use of sheer :)

My Cashkaro cashback got tracked and I got an email:

Isn't that a super cool way of having super fun?

My review synopsis for Cashkaro.com:


1.  Cashback & Coupons on a wide range of brands, categories.

2.  Fantastic minimum limit on most sites, especially Myntra! Kudos!

3.  Good cashback percentage on most sites, especially Myntra! Kudos!

4.  Very agile customer service (I reached through email, very responsive)!

5.  Cashback did get tracked promptly, as the site guides (big relief - I have shown proof above -in these times of all types of cons, this one is true & straight forward)! I will also post a screenshot when the cashback earned gets paid into my bank account :) Just didn't want to wait until then for this post.

Improvements needed:

Well, well .. we are one demanding lot aren't we? Is anything ever enough?

So here is what can get better about Cashkaro:

a.  Only if you have a minimum cashback earned of Rs.250, it can be transferred to your bank account.  Which is, to start with, a very reasonable limit (after all, they need to do an online transfer or cut a cheque).  

I still would love to see the limit go and transfer happen order by order :) 

Warning: this could be asking for too much from a business that is relatively new but growing well.

b.  This is not primarily an improvement need for just Cashkaro, but in equal measure for the retailers associated with them:

The cashback settlement period is rather long - I think, at present, about 8 to 12 weeks.  While the cashback promptly gets tracked, the retailers take time to confirm & pay the real cash to Cashkaro, who then have to pay us, the shoppers.  See my estimated time for receipt in the aforesaid screenshot.  I would love for retailers to work with Cashkaro to make it shorter, may be, cut it to half.

c.  I understand some retailers track cashback (within a couple of days of shopping) at the lowest limit and then revise it to the actual amount closer to date of payment.  That is, if you shopped from Cashkaro on Myntra for the first time, within 2-3 days, your cashback gets tracked at a minimum Rs.112 and later, after verification that you indeed shopped for the first time on that account (email ID), it gets revised to Rs.240.  I would love for the retailers to track it at the actual amount, right in the beginning. 

Thank you Cashkaro.com for my recent Aish Karo experience :) I will surely be back.

Like it?

Go, set up your account on Cashkaro and have your very own Aish Karo experience!

Cheers :)