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Freeing India launches 'Real Escape Game' for the first time in Chennai, India

Freeing India, a part of Laser Gambit, a pioneer in amusement services, in India, announced the launch of India's first 'Real Escape Game' in Chennai on April 9, 2014.

I received an invitation to the launch and attended, to come back impressed. 

The launch had healthy media presence - print and electronic. 

I am, as readers know, unashamedly geek & love gaming - well, so are many of us in our generations.  Countless hours of our lives devoted to gaming, well, on our gadgets!

Bordering on addiction or obsession, if you will, these gaming sessions on our gadgets often take away our 'family & friends' time - the time to physically be present with and for them. 

'Real Escape Game' precisely brings the two elements together - the ecstasy of gaming and the physical togetherness of family & friends!  Real Escape Game originally started in Japan and has made interesting strides across the world and has now arrived in India. 

Interested? Read on ..

This unique real life adventure game requires teams of a minimal two members to large teams (size can be customized) to solve inventive gaming situations in real life settings!

The teams have to use their detective and problem-solving skills to resolve several mysteries and escape from a closed adventure room within a set time!

Yeah, I know, its getting itchy and you want to try? Here we go..


Chennai, Ispahani Centre (Basement), Nungambakkam 


Open to public from Monday, April 14, 2014


There are 4 Adventure Rooms currently offering 4 Real Escape Games; the themes are:

90 Degree Cricket Fantasy

In a Country like India where Cricket is a religion by itself, its only natural that it makes it to a real escape game theme :)

This game is all about cricket betting leading to mafia trapping & chasing you and you have to find your escape!

Mirror of Love

You are trapped in what I christen as the 'Room of Love' as you enter to find what's wrong with your neighbor Athena - she is heart-broken in love and has cut her wrists with a sharp fragment of glass from a mirror her lover just shattered before leaving; 

She is in a coma and has locked herself inside leaving cryptic clues to convey her lasting love to her lover. You now have to escape - even to rush her to hospital to save her!

Prison Chaos

Underground prison of a crazy scientist.

Originally built to imprison thousands of scientists to force them to do frenzied experiments.

You have to find the clues to not only escape but free all the imprisoned scientists!

The Lost Chamber

You are handcuffed and wake up from consciousness in darkness!

Find you way to the treasure box to discover the only lighting appliance you have. And, guess what, you have to crawl out of this chamber if you make good your escape!


Gaming lovers
Corporate Teams (in pursuit of team building)
Quite simply, anyone who loves gaming and wants to game in reality


Real Escape Game brings the best of both worlds - gaming & real life adventure.

Provides gaming time, yet with physical bonding with family, colleagues & friends

Enhances creative thinking and problem solving

Hones our innate 'survival instincts'

Inculcates team building and trust

Its a boon that it has come up in the heart of the city, well connected by public transport and with free and enormous parking space (as compared to many other malls where parking for hours together could be expensive).

How (long)?

Each game is for a duration of 45 minutes - you get that maximum time to crack the game and escape from the real life setting!

My experience at the Launch:

I visited three of the four adventure rooms - Cricket Fantasy, Mirror of Love & Prison Chaos - and loved the real life setting in each of them.  I will soon go to actually play the game - when it opens on April 14th :) So, await a review right here, on this blog!

Meanwhile, here is an exclusive sneak peek for our readers, of Athena in her Mirror of Love room:

I was quite in awe of the prison setting (its a damn real prison cell folks - so we don't have to any longer tell our posterity that the only jail we have been to is the twitter jail :)

There is a locked prison cell with all the trappings - i even saw a washroom enclosure and a wash basin! phew! 

Photographs from the Launch

In the Photos (left to right):

Mr. Murali D Barathi, Founder and Director, Freeing India, Chennai
Mr. Shiva Subramaniam, Consultant, Creative Thinking

Video Sneak Peek

What did i wear to the Launch?

Yes, we have always said this is a Fashion blog even before being a Lifestyle blog;

So, here is what I wore to the Launch:

Radiant Orchid (Color of the year 2014) straight fit pants
Ruffled Chiffon white top
Radiant Orchid statement necklace
White strappy flats (oh common, its already sweltering in Chennai)
Neon & Aztec print sling bag

Get, Set, Go .. Chennai, for Real Escape Gaming! See you at the adventure!

And, remember, you heard about it first here :) 

Cheers :)

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