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#PizzaCornerParty on March 29, 2014

It was a delightful afternoon of food, friends and fun at the #PizzaCornerParty organized by Pizza Corner, Virugambakkam, Chennai for bloggers & social media buffs on Saturday last, 29th March 2014:

Nicely done up interiors this outlet has - makes me think, I'm so much of a pizza delivery customer that our ilk misses out on dining in!

There is even a nice little play area for tiny tots - we put so many chairs around it because none of us were of permissible age to enter anyways :)

The agenda for the meet was we could bond over Pizza Corner cuisine, learn and try our hand at cooking any of their menu items and of course, taste our adventure (at the outset, it might seem optimal karma - that we get to taste what we make - but, trust me, it all turned out very tasty).

Excellent hospitality from Pizza Corner with an ever obliging team and a hearty flow of cooking tips and of course, delectable food and drinks.

Images speak a thousand words and that's why my posts are oh so full of pictures, so take a look for yourself:

Crowning glory - the head gear is mandatory before we enter their kitchen:

Regular readers know I'm a die hard Italian cuisine fan, so never miss an opportunity to either partake great food or learn to update my still painfully amateur cooking repertoire.

Here is what I dabbled in, with Sarath, Sandeep and I making a lovely threesome team (well, we formed mini teams so we could cook in turns):

I learnt how to identify the 'soft side' of the pizza base from its 'skin side':

The team explained to a fascinated me how to sift the cornmeal off the pizza base, once its done, by tossing it with either a 'Six O'clock' movement or an '8' movement of the hands:

Applied our choice of sauce - we naturally chose our favorite tomato based sauce:

The most enjoyable part: topping our pizza with our choice from a wide range of toppings.  

Ours is a vegetarian team, so we had a field day topping up with veggies to make what was duly acknowledged as the 'most colorful' pizza of the meet:

We then put our pizza through their huge oven - the pizza travelling horizontally across the oven and emerging as the finished product at the other end.  Impressive oven it was, with the ability to cater to and churn out multiple dishes at the same time - given its size, width and capacity.

Time for the result:

Did you know?

Pizza Corner have a 'Pizza Rating Scale'!

They don't serve anything less than a rating of 8/10 to their customers.

Wonder how the rating is derived? Examples: if the sauce spills over to the ends, the rating loses a point. If bubbles show up (in sparsely topped pizzas, bubbles could show up, so I learnt the chef has to use the 'docker' to avoid bubbles) a rating point is lost. 

Well, we asked the friendly team to rate our pizza and they smiling said: 7 out of 10 :-P

But, trust me, it tasted yummy - Sandeep got us to devour ours :)

Then, came my chance to play out a fantasy - I had always been fascinated about their Conizzas, effectively a pizza in a cone!

I wanted to make one and got my chance with my team: 

Pizza Corner get their standard, quality controlled ingredients from a centralized facility in Bangalore; the Conizza actually starts off as a semi-circle.

I learnt to fold it into a perfect cone - how to tightly bind it into a cone (else the cheese would melt through the hole at the bottom :)

We started filling with a base cheese layer, followed by our choice of vegetarian toppings, duly sealed at the top with another layer of cheese.

Do you see a tiny little capsicum piece atop the Conizza as it makes its way through their oven? The team explained to me that is their control for marking the Conizza as 'vegetarian' :) 

For non-veg Conizzas, a small piece of tomato adorns the top. 

Yummy Conizza only strengthened my already established delivery routine fondness for it!

Fellow bloggers had a great time too, making cuisine of their choice:

Garlic bread:

Pineapple topped pizza - i loved it:

Potato Wedges, the all season favorite:

I noticed their process control is quite demonstrative with this sign on the hot rack where we put the pizza as soon as it emerges from the oven:

Nice touch that!

Here is another team proudly displaying their creation:

Wonder if these guys were actually trying to play cricket or what? 

                                      Picture CourtesyBragadeesh P 

If you thought the fun stopped there, well, no .. the enterprising guys among us started a 'pizza box folding' competition :-D

And, oh boy, did they do well or what:

                                     Picture CourtesyBragadeesh P 

                                     Picture CourtesyBragadeesh P 

Thank you Pizza Corner for a fantastic meet.  Kudos to the hearty hospitality.

I hope to be back 'dining in' at the outlet, with family & friends, soon :)

Reach Pizza Corner on Twitter.

Cheers :)

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