Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Review: Just Herbs' Lively Clean Honey Exfoliating Face Cleansing Gel

I got introduced to this product by FAB Bag.

Just Herbs's Lively Clean Honey Exfoliating Face Cleansing Gel, with Tulsi & Neem, came with what I call no-nonsense packing:

Containing honey, tulsi (basil), neem, orange extract, jojoba meal & symplocos bark, among other natural ingredients, it is a natural ayurvedic product.  No artificial flavoring, substance or chemicals.

Ideal for oil to combination skin type.  Not recommended for extremely dry skin.

I have used it for 9 days now - cleansing my face twice a day - once around noon and once around 4 pm.

To review this product, it helps that I have oily skin with combination skin along the T.  Well, when I was a teenager, I hardly prized my oily skin - gave dry skin a lot of fond yearning.  Since then, so very thankful for my oily skin because it has kept me looking young and supple - that's what oil does :)

That said, maintaining oily skin is a big task. All the more, in my city's hot and humid weather.  Frequent washing does more harm than good. At the same time, to keep it cleansed is important to keep away the dirt that oil attracts. Dirt tends to clog pores and results in more mess. 

It is here that the honey exfoliating face cleansing gel has its advantages:

Honey naturally moisturizes even as the gel cleanses; i love that honey is also a natural bleach (which does wonders for subduing minimal facial hair). 

This product has turmeric which makes it an antiseptic as well.

Lathers well for a natural product. 

Kept my face from getting oily or greasy at bay for at least about two or two and half hours. 

No harsh effect - though, it must not be applied on acne or pimples (no scrubbing against acne or pimples, if you have them).

It is hypo-allergenic.  Yet, the product advises an allergy check to start with - applying it on the back of one's elbow for 15 minutes. Good to follow that.

Because it also exfoliates as it cleans (yes, we are well and truly in a multitasking era), it helps rejuvenate and protect skin.

The feature I best loved is - it has a very subtle or mild fragrance. I am actually allergic to fragrances and perfumes - so only the very mild ones or preferably, ones that emit no fragrance do for me. This one emits a very mild citrus fragrance - as a matter of fact, more a 'bark' fragrance than citrus - its like smelling mild wood :)

Size: 100 ml

MRP (Maximum Retail Price): Rs. 295 [but available after discount across a number of online stores selling beauty & personal care products].

You can reach:

Just Herbs on Twitter

FAB Bag on Twitter

Cheers :)

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