Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Why are Funzoa funny videos so much fun?

Funzoa Funny videos are exactly what the doc prescribed!

Why you ask? Read on ..

Funzoa funny videos are not pretentious or over the top.  They are just simple, uncomplicated fun.

Watch Mimi Teddy & Dumblu fight over Salman Khan versus Brad Pitt.  That's as basic as it can get.

Funzoa funny videos are so you and me.  No rocket science. No super heroes.

Watch Koi Mujhe Pyar Nahin Karta (nobody loves me):

or, watch Dil Mera Stupid Hai ..

That is so you and me, I repeat!

Funzoa funny videos are multilingual - it is language that connects people & language is so central to tickling the funny bone. 

Watch 'Tu Hai Beautiful':

There is even a line that says 'Everyday tu khaye extra calorie' (which translates to you eat extra calories everyday :)

The videos mix a colloquial language that we use .. and hence instantly tickle our funny bone!

Funzoa characters do what we do .. so they identify with us, yet, they have so much fun and bring us so much fun in doing that .. whereas we are lost in existential angst.

Watch 'Tu Online Hai, Main bhi Online hun':

Funzoa videos depict our problems. 

Watch 'Mimi Teddy has serious weight problems':

Funzoa videos are just the right length: fun, i strongly believe, comes in optimum doses. 

Funzoa videos are all between 2 and 4 minutes, averaging 3 to 4 minutes each.  Perfect to keep us entertained and act as potent stress busters.

There is one for everyone: they are clean and no age bar. 

Funzoa world is peppered with one of each kind - exactly as we are diverse by nature.

The She Teddy
Junu Teddy
Bojo Teddy
Mimi Teddy

Fun sure comes in diverse shapes, sizes and colors :)

They do the things we can't find enough time for.

Watch Bojo Teddy - The greatest Percussion Expert:

They celebrate our festivals and occasions :)

Watch 'Teddy Wish - Happy Diwali & Happy New Year':

So, to me, that's the fun package - unpretentious, so much us, in our language, optimum dose, slickly shot & easily accessible (its a rage on Facebook)! 

Hope you enjoyed this :) Go get more ..

This post is my entry for and Funzoa contest.

Cheers :)

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