Friday, 16 May 2014

A Scoreboard that scores .. brownie points .. with video!

Scoreboards, many ardent sports fans I know, reckon, are for statisticians.

Dry, rudimentary manifestation cloaked in numbers! 

All the more so in cricket!

Despite being a classical, puritanical cricket fan, I have, in the recent past, ensured I block pop-ups & even by mistake don't get the mouse cursor anywhere near a 'scoreboard'.

I did the same preparations ahead of this IPL cricket season.  Simply because, while I respect statistics and statisticians, I have no interest in becoming one - my interests lie in a classy intake of the game, in sports broadcasting.

So, I didn't want a scoreboard cloaking more than than showcasing the game in its glory. 

Well, that indifference just changed this IPL 2014 - thanks to

No .. i am not writing this as a promotional blog post and take a bet with me .. you will agree with me when I finish articulating my recently gained scoreboard love. brought, guess what, video to the scoreboard! yes!

Right on the matchcentre page, below the 'match highlights' section on the far mid-left, you will see a tab called 'video scorecard':

Click it.

That takes you to, first a batting enumeration, followed by a bowling and fall of wickets enumeration; underneath, you will see a 'Full Scorecard' button as well (you could go there and get back to match center).

So, what's great you ask?

See the button I have encircled in red below:

Go on .. play them ..

The scoreboard provides a video package for each batsman and bowler. The highlights of that batting innings and that bowling spell.

Crisp - I have not seen a video yet that exceeds 2 minutes. Most are between a minute and half to a minute and three-fourths.

I adore it :)

Particularly the bowler package, because, in a game inherently and ever more increasingly tilted in favor of the willow - anywhere else, it is very difficult to get a crisp video package by bowler. 

I have longed for something like this in the days Anil Kumble bowled :)

The regular fare dished out to us has been the famous 'batting highlights', 'bowling highlights', 'Fours Package', 'Sixers Package' and 'Catches Package' on TV.  Goodbye.

I would love to see this video scorecard evolve further - for example, i would like to see a nice play button near every fall of wicket and near the extras [i mean, imagine when Malinga is in his elements, wouldn't you want to see an extras package? Did you know - there is a real road junction named 'No Ball Junction' near his parents' home in Sri Lanka - i saw it].

hmm.. how I wish such crisp videos existed for that last ball 6 Javed Miandad hit in Sharjah (to me, that was a precursor to further abridged version of the game) or when Jonty Rhodes flew into the stumps, ball in his hand, his entire body off the ground, to run out Inzamam (that, to me, changed 'fielding' forever in the history of the game).  Who wants to endure the entire highlights packages of those matches to get to these gems? Not me. 

You could get more awesomeness and here is how:

You can register and sign up to receive daily video fix in your inbox :)

Where even twitter needs vine, don't we need a dose of video in our scorecard? Well done .. take it further!

Cheers :)

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