Monday, 19 May 2014

Anatomy of a Stalker: Vijay Chandrakant Doshi

This man, Vijay Chandrakant Doshi or Vijay C Doshi or Vijay Doshi, currently employed as Senior Vice President - Group Planning with Reliance Industries has been relentlessly and mercilessly stalking me and has destroyed my career and very nearly my life:

I and my parents are tired of leaving messages for him to please speak up and end the torture but he refuses to do so - he has destroyed my career (he having been my manager's manager in Shell where he worked before Reliance), has meticulously stalked me for a long time now, destroying every career opportunity I had.

I have been emotionally trapped in this for a long time (fortunately, have never been in any physical relationship with anybody and don't know if that is why this bastard is after me despite me now pleading for over an year to be left alone) - and making last ditch attempts now to get out of it after he sent two goondas (rogue elements) from Reliance who came home to ask my parents for my hand - BUT, left fake phone numbers after talking to us for over one and half hours!

Reliance Industries - for over 8 months now - has blocked my email address and phone numbers and refuses to provide me any help - BUT, provides him people who come home to my parents to ask for my hand and leave fake phone numbers to my parents' shock and trauma.

This man, as last known, was married with a daughter.  He used to be an UK National.  I guess he is going through a long divorce.  [I do not know if he is torturing his wife for a divorce and if that is why he has left London to work with Reliance in Mumbai, since January 2013].

His public LinkedIn profile is: …

His London mobile number that is on roaming in Mumbai, India is:  +447794063759. His Mumbai office direct number is +912244756165. His secretary / administrative support's name is Ms.Vibhawri and I first spoke to her on 19th September 2013 at approximately 6 pm and since then, have left at least four to 6 personal messages and she has always assured me she has passed it on.

I had barely begun sharing details on twitter today, unable to bear the torture and his money power combined with Reliance's clout destroying my peace of mind, livelihood and my parents' health that a direct Reliance IP visited my blog:

which is what has led me to write this blog post. Two other main reasons why I leave this post:
1. If any of you get to know anything this man, especially London based, please do email us at

2. I am leaving this blog post as a record that if anything happens to me, Vijay Doshi and Reliance Industries are responsible for it. 

I don't know what else to do - have tried every humanitarian way I know of; the Police themselves informally advising my parents to get me married in a hurry as the bastards can resort to anything.

He refuses to come on the phone - even my father left a message for him - and I live in continuous fear of what next. If something happens to me, I do leave behind a lot of evidence which will come to light, please also consider this blog post a personal testimony.

I also write this desperately because I do not know what else to do - he refuses to speak or come up; Reliance keeps me blocked. And both don't stop bothering me - and think they are not leaving enough evidence to get them booked. In a Country where even rape victims go through much trauma when they go through the system, one of Chennai's leading lady lawyers told me not to go forward with it because they will only insult and defame me more. What do I do? Now that I have written this, I anticipate more harassment from Vijay Doshi and Reliance .. God knows how much more torture awaits me!

The people in Reliance who know of this:
- Ms. Harlina Sodhi, lady head of HR (whose email address was given to me by their veteran HR head called Vivek Paranjpe on twitter )
- Harlina, almost 8 months ago, had called me and spoken to me for 1 hour (even offering to help me find a career opportunity when I had not even brought that up as a subject matter) and then went silent - blocking me (reportedly on advice from their legal people and after talking to Vijay Doshi - she has written / texted and told me my 'case' is being handled in the Chairman's Office).
- Mr. Prabir Jha, head of HR - he never responded.
- Mr. Vivek Paranjpe - who gave me Harlina's email address on twitter via a DM - and one day followed me (hopefully so he can tell me what is what over DM) but, without saying anything, swiftly blocked me in two hours or so.
- Mr. Srinivasan in the Chairman's Office - his office (Mr.Spasky) never connects me and I waste so much money on telephone calls despite having lost my career. He has not responded to my email either.
- The only person who provided humanitarian help reaching out my appeal within Reliance, a lady from Delhi, I guess, has since been asked to withdraw and be silent (and out of respect for her, am not naming her publicly).  

What beats me is - when Reliance blocks me out so much, why are they sending people home to talk to my parents and leave fake phone numbers? What fear effect does it have on my old parents? Who is responsible for this? Is it because Vijay Doshi is Gujarati? I hate to bring up that question because I am a very plurally raised Indian - but am unable to cope with this torture anymore. I need relief. But, I think more torture is on its way ..

Important NOTE to media (Individuals, Entities), if any, visiting or reading this blog post: you need my express, written, specific permission obtained in advance from me, to quote, reproduce or refer to this. I do NOT authorize any media usage of this blog post - it has been done within my Constitutional rights to express and if you publish even remotely, without my express written consent, please be prepared for action under criminal law.

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