Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bowled over by Colors and Graphics this Cricket Season

Well, being a maiden and either getting bowled over or, better still, bowling over .. go together!

Being a fashionista maiden and a cricket fan is such fun this cricket season. 

On the fashion front, I celebrate each day with - ah ah, no, not just the jerseys of the teams playing that day - that is passe & such a guy thing - I celebrate with stylish tops in the colors of the teams playing on each day. 

Attired in tops in the colors of the teams of the match/day - tops made of fabrics and silhouettes in current fashion trend, I watch it all .. makes me happy combining fashion and cricket as well as motivates my peer group to watch each match without missing a moment.

Lest you think this is a figment of imagination, take a look at my very own collection:

Isn't it a super fun way to ensure we don't miss any cricket action? The guys - go ahead, borrow this idea from me to get your better halves enjoy cricket with you :) And remember to send me chocolates as royalty for the idea! is bathed in colors as well this IPL 2014, with brilliant Infografix - informative snippets with a visual twist, for entertainment. The cricket fan in me loves the splicing and dicing analysis whereas the fashionista and geek in me feels entertained with the plethora of colors and visual twists.  Take a look - I managed some screenshots off my smartphone:

Isn't that such a potent mix of information and entertainment? 

Every facet of the match analysed and presented very effectively in a brief format, keeping true to the abridged T20 genre and served with a tadka (sautee) of entertainment. 

I hate 'told you' dialogues, so go ahead, choose to get informed and entertained.

Choose to get bowled over .. by :)

By the way, talking of team colors, there is a nice fan activity going on that might get us some match tickets to the IPL finals - let's go catch it:

Cheers :)

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