Friday, 16 May 2014

Cricket is Single .. again .. just separated from Intrusive Advertising!

Well, I am not just an average sports fan.

I am a slightly more average collector.

Among the things i collect, of particular interest for this post, are 'stress' (buster) balls - sports ball shaped stress buster balls.  I have cricket, soccer and rugby balls.
This picture has the cricket ball missing because it has temporarily been hijacked out of me by kiddos (read why later in this post).

Oh by the way, I have quite a few smiley emoticon shaped stress balls as well. 

Why you ask? To keep myself composed when I am forced to watch - read carefully - when I am forced to watch - sports in between advertising

Yeah, that is not how it ought to be - it started as advertising in between sports coverage. 

So, this IPL season as well, I had gathered all my stress balls and kept them handy so I stay composed and don't miss my cricketing action because of being irked by intrusive advertising.

Then, the unthinkable happened - you know, when we are in the midst of tyranny, we stop believing that redemption is possible. Same here. I never thought I could actually watch sports and not be irked by intrusive advertising.

My favorite sport - cricket - has, for long now, been in, what I believe, is an abusive relationship with intrusive advertising.

Not anymore fellas!

Cricket is, to my delight, single again.  It just broke up with and separated from intrusive advertising.

Thanks to :)

And, therefore, Cricket is getting back to being in the pink of health .. relationship health. Yes, that's why this post in a font that befits cricket's new found relationship status. 

I have watched this IPL 2014 cricket matches on without being irked and held to ransom by intrusive advertising.  Remember those tyrannical times not so long ago - on TV - the over would have begun well and truly - and we, poor souls, will miss the first ball - because the advertisement was still playing! Bid it goodbye!

Here is the deal with

- the main match streaming screen is FREE of advertising

- there are advertising banners all around the window but none on the streaming screen; and, if one chooses full screen view, those banners go out of sight anyways.

The video scorecard and the replay videos all begin with (on an average) 20 second videos (that you cannot skip) but again, as soon as the coverage starts, its free of advertising on the screen.

Others, like this poll section, has advertising at the bottom, but it comes with a kill button; so that is not intrusive again.

So, take heart .. our favorite sport and a near National religion is single and ready to mingle .. with us, puritanical fans, again.

Well, I am not against advertising and recognize that the game needs to generate revenues for all stakeholders to be in the pink of financial health. Hey, but there is a limit. Intrusive advertising is a manifestation of greed and kills the game and passionate fans .. at the same time.

I am glad cricket has separated from intrusive advertising .. and here's hoping helps seal it with a divorce .. and generates healthy advertising revenue .. which we all will wholeheartedly support. More power to you

Let's celebrate and court cricket again ..

That reminds me, do you know why my cricket stress buster ball is missing from the picture above? Its because kiddos hijacked it .. I hadn't used it all this IPL .. so its now become their play thing ;) Good riddance!

On that note,, can you please extend the favor to Football - the FIFA World Cup is coming and I am an ardent fan.  I want this .. there as well.

Cheers :)

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