Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dinner Timezone is different this Cricket Season ..

IPL as we all know was held this season in a different time zone (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah) before returning back to India post the elections.

Not only did it alter its own timezone but had a chain effect on my timezone!

Sitting in India, I altered my dinner and snacking times .. to make sure I don't miss a nugget of cricketing action.

Heavy lunch (before the IPL action starts) followed by a good snack (in between 2 IPL matches) and a late dinner (after both matches end for the day) has been the routine I have adopted to keep my appetite for cricket satisfied.

Talking of appetite satiation, there is a feature integral to's streaming of the matches live that is very dear to my heart and has satiated the appetite of a classical cricket fan in me.

I am not sure how many of us have noticed this feature and i write this post to exclusively commend and draw attention to it.  There is nothing glamorous about it. Its very rudimentary - and yet, so fundamental to the classical edifice of the game.

That's as long a run-up as Glenn McGrath's, you say? Well, remember, it is also one of the most natural :)

This is the 'Text Commentary' feature on Miss it at your own peril - and the game's!

Why do I say that?

I am a classicist at heart - in every facet of life. Cricket's and sports' edifice lies in its fundamentals. The game moves from strength to strength on the fundamental knowledge of its nuances. When I grew up, Dr.Narottam Puri, the most prominent and knowledgeable commentator of that time, used to - not just commentate - but dispense with wisdom about the game - be it field placements, player tenacity, captain and team strategies, statistics. 

For young and upcoming viewership, that builds a lifetime romance with the game. Substance seldom fades. Glamour almost always does.

Well, we no longer have Dr.Puri that active.  And, in an age and times where attention spans are as brief as 140 to 160 characters, how does one contribute to the fundamentals of the game?

This - text commentary - to me, is a great start.

I strongly recommend it to every young viewer of the game; it is best to partake it while watching the video streaming - that fortifies one's game fundamentals; and of course, to those of us so steeped in cricket's classicism that we will forsake it for nothing.

I have loved the quality and multi-dimensional text commentary on  Take a look at some of the screenshot grabs off my smartphone:

In addition to this feature that I prize, there is another little nugget that delights me: 

Yes, i have confessed interactivity draws me. has a nice 'poll' tab / feature and one can choose to share one's view of the polled question on one's social media channels.

I shared mine on twitter and was promptly retweeted by Starsports' twitter account:

Go to polls online as well .. this season :)

Cheers :)

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