Thursday, 15 May 2014

I buy (viewing cricket) online this IPL season

Nobody has survived travelling in two boats .. one foot in each .. at the same time!

Has anyone survived being on two pitches .. at the same time?

I have! This IPL 2014 cricket and sale season. I know .. the guys reading this must be going nuts! 

Well, this IPL not just coincided with the election season; it also runs with the sale season.

Life, as much as cricket is a team sport - no facet can remain non-performing; so, I cannot miss the sale season to watch cricket. The trends and attractive prizes are not going to wait to grace my wardrobe until the cricket carnival concludes.

My strategy? 

Watch cricket online .. shop online :) offers fantastic live streaming of all the IPL matches, as we know from my earlier posts. 

Fortunately, all the brands are extending the sale season collection as well as prices online. 

On that note, guess what connects online cricket and online shopping this season? Other than me, of course!

Think hard .. the answer is a delight .. to both cricket fans and fashionistas.

The answer and the connect is: 'fastest delivery'.

Online sites vie with each other to provide fastest delivery of our orders. The fastest thus far is a 5 hour delivery! does a one up on that and provides fastest scoreboard in the world of sports and cricket .. I tried matching it with many of my erstwhile batting partners (example, Cricinfo) but genuinely admit this one is faster. A comprehensive scoreboard delivered as fast as Brett Lee or Shoaib Akhtar delivered their wares at their peak.

Speed is king in today's economy that is virtually, quite literally at that, running on nano seconds. doesn't stop with the fastest scoreboard.  It accentuates it with a much useful feature 'Action Recap'.  

'Action Recap' is a video update every four overs that allows the viewer to catch up on the match very quickly and comprehensively, no matter when the viewer joined in.

Now, that is a recap of why and how I buy (viewing cricket) online this IPL Cricket and fashion sale season :) What is your take?

Cheers :)

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