Thursday, 15 May 2014

I liberated myself from Line & Length this IPL 2014, #KannaKeepCalm

Liberation, always brings with it, a breath of fresh air! 

This IPL 2014 season, which also coincides with the Election season in my Country, the world's largest democracy, I chose to liberate myself. In the way I view one of my favorite sports: Cricket.

I bet that is arguably the first time you have heard of "liberation" & sports viewership in the same sentence!  

Read on to know my very own liberation story ..

I famously call myself a 'born spectator' (after Oscar Wilde's famous poem title) - with deep and passionate interests in Tennis, Cricket, Soccer (Football) & F1 principally and fleeting interest in rare Olympics disciplines (such as Swimming, Fencing & Equestrian) thereafter.

Let's come to my passion for cricket. I guess I was born with it - well, Cricket, is, after all, a religion by itself in my Country. I remember being 12 years old and bunking school so I could catch a match and of course, hearing lectures from all round! I endured far more lectures than what bunking usually invited, because .. guess what, I am a girl and nobody had seen girls bunk school .. for .. of all things, Cricket!

My passion for cricket only grew with my age and means :)

I am someone who has viewed live Cricket matches:

- at the Melbourne Cricket Ground - MCG, Australia 

- climbed the manual scoreboard at the Adelaide Oval (trust me, its as high as a storied building - i went inside the scoreboard as part of a special tour of the Oval) 

- traveled as far as South Africa (I have viewed live, ICC World Cup 2003 matches in SA with my favorite grounds there being Jo'Burg and Port Elizabeth :)

- endured watching India Vs Sri Lanka live at the Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (it was very hostile because the entire home crowd was waiting to take us few traveling spectators bleeding blue on as India did well)

Yet, most of my life, I have bonded with cricket through the Television (TV) set.  Watching cricket on TV is not just bonding, but also 'binding'. How you ask? here is how:

- firstly, I have to be 'in front' of the TV set (what I call 'Line' of sight). Can't afford to step away from the TV's view because that would be risking a ball, a hit, a catch, a run-out .. whatever! I used to take breaks, if strictly required, in a hurry between the overs .. uff, the travails of a passionate fan!

- secondly, I have to be seated at least a mandatory 7 to 10 feet away from the TV (what I call 'Length'). Well, that is what our family optometrist told my parents ages ago and it is religiously followed at my place - as religiously as cricket, trust me!

This IPL Season, thanks to, I have authored my liberation. streams every ball of every IPL match live (and deferred live, for that matter) on all my gadgets - that is: 

- an Android Smartphone (there is a dedicated App in the Play Store),  
- a tablet (App also exists on iOS but i use it on Android)
- a Laptop 

So, I bid goodbye to and liberated myself from the Line & Length imposed by TV.  I keep changing the gadgets depending on the liberation adventure - the laptop for the garden, the smartphone for the walk etc.

And, guess what, I am super impressed that the site is very intuitive: it gauges my gadget itself and gives me the best viewing experience tailored for my gadget - take a look:

So, this IPL season, I spruced up my wireless broadband and cellular high speed internet connections and registered myself on (its free) and verified my mobile number (if you register yourself, you can also get video alerts :)

So no more Line or Length while watching Cricket! phew!

I have, this IPL season done the following as I actively watched IPL 2014 ball by ball:

- happily lie down on the garden cane couch

- take nice little walks in our little strip of private road in the colony

- get to the terrace during the second match of the day and be with the stars (uffo, not the cricket stars, the ones in the sky)

- attend a blogger meet and get back in a cab (and interestingly, ended up hooking the cab driver on to the mobile app as well - as Mom condescendingly watched :)

If anything, my quality of viewing has gone up by leaps and bounds. The joy has been equivalent to watching a Gayle storm (yeah, as a fan supporting him - not the bowling team). 

There are a number of reasons why my viewership quality has gone up. I love a range of features about  I guess one blog post may not suffice - and also, I guiltily remind myself: this is the abridged version of the game - the T20 - and how can I have a blog post running to a test match length; so here is what we will do - I will do a series of short (by my standards!) posts with the features highlighted.

The first feature I LOVE is the #KannaKeepCalm moments - which are focused, brief videos of the hand-picked defining moments of the match.

To me, life is a journey - and what punctuates any journey is defining 'moments' - never a day, a month - its moments! Whether one has seen the match and wants to relive it or has missed the match and is catching up, this is where I first recommend you head to. These moments define the very essence of the match! 

This is my smartphone screenshot of the #KannaKeepCalm moments as of April 18th (yes, in the very first week - this blog post comes today because I have been too busy enjoying the cricket - and also because, the last day is tomorrow, seriously dudes and dudettes, I blog in the slog overs :)

I am, as you know, a major twitter buff (with over 2000 followers and 67000 tweets :)  #KannaKeepCalm provides for great interactivity during the match on twitter and I even have Retweets (RTs) from Starsports and IPL - take a look at this tweet of mine :)

Incidentally, I love the hashtag #KannaKeepCalm for more reasons than cricket; in my mother tongue Tamil, 'kanna' is a sweet, benevolent way of addressing someone fondly (something similar to 'honey' in English or 'beta' in Hindi .. but a lot more fonder and beloved).  

So, now, in keeping with the resolution to respect the abridged version of the game, T20, this post must be brought to its logical conclusion. But, I promise more posts follow .. enunciating how you can liberate yourself with the help of :)

Cheers :)

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