Friday, 30 May 2014

In an Opinionated State .. And, Loving It!

I don't know if i was born opinionated or it grew on me .. 

But, opinionated, I fiercely am.  Family & friends often joke there ain't a topic under the sun on which I don't hold a passionate, informed & most important to me, individualistic opinion.

In another era (in the past), may be this would be an unrequited trait.  Not in these times :)

As an apt sign of our times, opinions are freely exchanged, sought and recently, celebrated.  Ask me how?

Thanks to BlogAdda, I discovered

To state at the beginning, State is not another social network hankering for numbers - either for them or for you (yeah, no amassing followers). The only number that matters is your number of opinions - I have 27 opinions as of last count :)

State believes rightly that opinions are powerful and harnesses opinions in what I have come to experience, in myriad delightful ways.

Please allow me to state what impresses me the most:

1. Easy sign-up, no hassles.

2. Simple but delightful user interface - everything, just about everything I need is in 'one' single screen. 

My profile, the content (horizontal) menu on State, my latest status, the conversations in my network, the trending topics, the topics I am interested in .. all show up, as you can see, in one single screen.  Avoiding me valuable time, clicks and irritation!

3. Ease of finding just about anything on the site:

I can find opinions, topics or users by just clicking on that search icon right next to the profile drop-down on the top right corner.  Finding content is blissful with this simple but powerful search.

4. Trending Topics:

State displays real-time trending topics - across various dimensions.  

I say various dimensions because, I can 'tune in' to topics I like and see trending topics thrown up against that canvas.  

The refresh button on the far right just about refreshes latest trending topics to the second.

Here is a screenshot of one of the topics I tuned into:

5. Oh wait, you can also 'tune in' to users / people:

Lest you thought its only genres / topics that you can tune into, you can choose and tune into users / people of your choice, thus developing a network:

Of course, one can invite friends from across one's social network, including twitter and facebook and choose to tune into them as well as new users (hitherto unknown).  I tuned into quite a few, depending on my like for the way they opine (no, trust me, them agreeing with my viewpoint ain't even a criteria - its the strength and articulation in their opinion). With the same equal ease, one can share with friends on these social networks as well. I have regularly shared my opinions and topics I created on twitter, inviting followers there to come, opine.

6. Create new topics of your choice:

I loved this feature - for someone like me with 69 K tweets, now, to opine will no longer be restricted to twitter.  I can not only comment on any topic / opinion articulated by anybody on the site, but ..

I can create as many topics on State - its super easy with the centrally placed red State button:

Just have to click the button and a mini window appears:

We can key in text (I have, for example, input 'example' as the text) and not only are related topics thrown up, but the 'create new topic' option flashes at the bottom.

Create a topic of your choice across category domains (such as fashion, politics & government, sports etc.)

As soon as you create your topic, you can click the 'Ask Others' button right below the topic and choose users you are tuned into or you choose to - thereby inviting them to comment and opine on your topic.  When they do, you promptly get an email in your registered email ID.

7. Sentiment Range & Top Word Groups:

This is, according to me, the most superlative feature - because it harnesses and analyses our opinions.

I opined on Sabrina's topic 'Heeled Crocs' (domain: Fashion) and for that topic, just see the analysis State does:

I get to know total opinions for that topic;
What percent of those opinions were similar to mine;
A beautiful 'sentiment range' slotting me right in :)
A nice 'top word groups' matrix (which is an aggregation from the words we get to choose by clicking, even as we opine on each topic - whether or not we created it).

Trust me, you have to get onto the site to experience the richness of these features.

8. The Stateclip:

The stateclip is just a drag and install feature that identifies the article as well as the different topics within the page thus giving you a platter to opine on. We can share opinions on whatever we are reacting to - be it an image or video or article.

Take a look at the awesomeness:

Bitten by the bug? My motto now is 'Have Opinion, Will State'. Join me, come belong..

To know more about State, view this video:

Cheers :)