Thursday, 15 May 2014

No missed deliveries this Cricket season ..

One of the biggest challenges in watching cricket at home .. all the more being a lady fan .. is missing (cricket) deliveries for taking (home) deliveries.

It is frustrating to miss either ..

Sample a typical day at my door:

- most courier deliveries at home tend to happen post 3 pm (yeah, coincides with the first match of the day)

- gas cylinder delivery (no, we don't live in gas piped apartments - we live in independent houses that still get cooking gas delivered as cylinders)

- drinking mineral water cans delivery

- the vendor who delivers crisply ironed clothes

- the unsolicited salespersons

- last but not the least, what goes hand-in-hand with cricket? Yeah, pizza delivery - family members ordering pizza and passing the parcel when it comes to going to the door to take delivery!

oh boy .. the list is endless.

Now, none of these can be missed .. let alone be controlled. I did the unthinkable and crazy thing of mandating almost every one of them .. to arrive at an appointed time .. either before the first match or in between the 2 matches. But, alas, many of them would just not turn up should you call them up for deferred or altered delivery. 

And, in the minutes it takes to handle them at the door, take delivery, sign off and get back to the match (even with a tablet or a smartphone right in your hand), trust me - vital cricket moments get stolen. I poetically call it as deliveries missed for deliveries.  

Take heart .. not anymore .. comes to our rescue .. so there may deliveries .. on all fronts.

The live streaming of IPL 2014 cricket matches online - believe me - comes with a 'Deferred Live' feature.  Free video streaming of the match with a 5 minute delay. 
I have now made good use of this deferred live feature by taking door deliveries and then facing cricket deliveries .. missing neither. Played picture perfect. I even recorded a video of the deferred live .. but the size is slowing down this blog post loading time .. so retiring the video to the bench!

Much appreciate this feature .. if only life had a deferred live button .. seriously! hmm.. until then, make good use of this feature at

Cheers :)

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