Sunday, 27 July 2014

Besotted with Black

Well, my wishlist has never been in black & white! 

I never write my wishlist down .. that is about to change today as I sit down to chronicle how I am besotted with black and the five black things I wish for!

Hop on ..

My Black wishlist

1.  Black Ice Cream:

I think, black, as a color, is more often than not, ascribed 'serious' stature - be it fashionable or formal; be it ceremonies or congregations.

Oh yes, I want to bring a fun & frolic flavor to the color black. Right away.

So, the first item on my black wishlist, is actually, black ice cream!

Ever walked into an ice cream parlor and found black ice cream? No!

So, i want to bring this 'black sesame ice cream' - a Japanese ice cream flavor to my life as well as yours!

So, get the recipe by clicking on the aforesaid 'image courtesy' link & start whipping up taste & fun - coded black!

2.  Black Opal:

Being a born jewellerista makes me an ardent gemstone lover. Also an aficionado, at that. 

Among the most expensive, treasured and valuable gems is the Black Opal.

A black opal is among the rarest of gemstones. A black opal is far more expensive than - hold your breath, even diamonds. The dark background of the black opal ensures that the colors diffracted by the opal stand out very strikingly.

That ensures the black opal is right at number two on my black wishlist.

3.  Black (Tahitian) Pearl:

Start me off with jewelry and am I likely to stop or what?

Right next on my black wishlist is the exceptionally perfect & beautiful Tahitian black pearl.

Created by black lipped oysters, mainly in the South Seas & originating mainly in the Tahiti island, a thick black pearl is what I am looking for - because, thicker its nacre, the longer the black pearl will stay beautiful.  Accentuating my jewelry collection.

I long for it because of its rarity, treasured status for jewelry aficionados & its stunning as well as sublime appeal, at once!

4.  LBD - The Quintessential Black Dress:

Ahem! Ahem!

Being a fashionista, close on the heels of being a jewellerista, means, this was coming .. isn't it?

The only surprise element though - is - the LBD here, in my black wishlist, is not the 'little black dress'. Its indeed a 'long black dress'.

A long, swaying black dress in my favorite sheer fabric, complete with lace & celebrated with sequins:

I want it to be my 'go to' dress for all occasions celebratory - be it a fashion show visit or a party or a regal get together!

Or, just simply, for me to try it on when fancy strikes. 

5.  Black (Apple) iPad:

The next item on my black wishlist is actually the Apple iPad, in black color!

Ever since the iPad's advent, if you observe closely, the white color variant & the black color variant have been on a sibling rivalry of sorts!

I want the black iPad for - not myself, but to gift it to Dad.  The man who stayed patiently beside me, when I came home an incurable tomboy with a black eye!  

His gadgets are mostly black and I think this one looks stately and oh so made for him.

That rounds up my most desired five black things - my prized black wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed my black wishlist. What's yours?

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Cheers :)

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