Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Tryst with Black Mystery!

Color black has been associated with mystery from time immemorial.

Here is presenting my fascination for and tryst with the color in the form of my 'mysterious' black wishlist - the 'black' things I oh so wish for and for mighty good reasons:

1.  Black Box - the aviation flight recorder:

Well, to start with, this is not technically in 'black' color.  Nevertheless, flight recorders (including the flight data recorders and the cockpit voice recorders) are commonly referred to as 'black boxes'.

First used in 1958, the term 'black box' has come to represent and denote the flight recorder; though the flight recorders are not black, but often, orange in color. The origin of the term is uncertain and its almost never technically used within the aviation industry. Its popularly though, almost always, referred to as the 'black box' in our times.

Built to last extreme conditions, finding the black box often bears the key to unraveling mysterious airline accidents and incidents.

Now, ask me why do I have a 'black box' in my black wishlist? Because we are beset by troubling mysterious airline accidents in 2014.  It hurts me that humanity has not been able to do much.  Hence, I want a black box so I can study, research, dismantle it - host it online and start an initiative for crowd-sourcing ideas to remodel all the black boxes (with least cost and in a very universal, ingenious way) - such that, never again in human history will we have mysterious airline disappearances. Period.

2.  'Black Magic' Wand:


Yes, the next item on my black wishlist is actually a black magic wand!

Like this one - a jet black, wooden magic wand:

hmm.. if you are wondering why on earth I have a black magic wand as a wishlist item, here goes:

See, firstly, 'black magic' has been much maligned, over the centuries.  I want to give 'black magic' its due .. by doing a lot of social work with it .. thus undoing the malign its been engulfed in.  Now, that is one heck of magic already .. undoing even as I will be doing! Phew!

Please allow me to explain:

Many of our current social maladies -- for example, crime against women in India, appear beyond our collective social means.  I want to use the supernatural power of black magic to set these right .. forever. Powerfully. Irreversibly. 

Great power, as we all know only too well by now, comes with great responsibility. So, I will be forming a consortium of sorts with fellow 'do good' enthusiasts to administer this great power with, indeed, great responsibility - for the most optimal social good.

3.  Black Hole:

This wishlist item on my black wishlist closely trails and logically follows the last item, the 'black magic' wand.

This will be, in fact, a partner in undoing crime, with the 'black magic' wand.

How, you ask?

A black hole, by definition, is a region of spacetime, from which, gravity prevents anything from escaping - even light!  A black hole could be stellar or super massive, among other types. I am fine with either or both.

I will make sure all the perpetrators of heinous crimes against women and humanity are held within one black hole, preferably a super massive black hole.  These don't necessarily or always have to be human - the perpetrators, i mean. These can also be things - such as things of mass destruction. Holding them in a black hole will ensure they never fall in any hands - right or wrong - because the result they are capable of exuding - is always wrong, anyways!

Now, comes the stellar punch - after I & the consortium of 'do good' enthusiasts clean up the world - i will ensure the 'black magic' wand itself - the reservoir of great power - is stored within a separate 'stellar black hole'. Nature's best vault, i would think. What say?

I know my solution(s) are offbeat - but then, tell me, don't desperate times call for desperate measures? There we go!

4.   Mysterious Black Tattoo:

I am a geek & a nerd, in as much as, most of us, in our times are.

Now, what does that have to do with a tattoo or my black wishlist?

I want to transport a bit of my preoccupation with 'gif' from my online activities onto the tattoo.

That is,  I want a mysterious black tattoo that is 'gif' like, as in, it moves (unlike traditional tattoos which are more 'image' or 'picture' like). 

Now, imagine how this mysterious 'sirius black' tattoo will look, a la gif - moving, to bat the eye lid, to shed tears or to exude joy:

I know, you are convinced why a 'gif' like, moving, animated tattoo makes it to my black wishlist.

Time to move on ..

5.  A Black Mole:

Did you know, the study of moles is called 'Moleosophy'?

The next item on my black wishlist is a cutesy black mole.  Like this:

Its cute, of course. 

The other reasons why I want a cute black mole are that it adds to personal aura & mystique, makes it an unique natural identification and fascinates friends and acquaintances, thereby, often becoming a conversation starter! Who needs ice breakers when one has a cute black mole? 

So, that is my rather 'offbeat' black wishlist. Hope you find it more a scoop than a spoof :)

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Cheers :)