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Zest is what 'est'ablishes life! Sustains it meaningfully.

Zest is what distinguishes living from merely existing. Zest is the all important ingredient that adds meaning to moments thereby transforming moments to experiences.

A life without Zest, i guess, just rests! Hopefully, in peace, if at all.

Zest is as much internal as it is external. We derive it from a host of things, people and situations that add to our energy and enthusiasm thus adding meaning to our life.  It is internal to the extent we harmonize it within ourselves, keeping it alive and kicking.  I call it receiving as zest and converting it to internal adrenalin.

So, what adds Zest to my life? Here is a sneak peek into my Zest-O-Meter, let me know if you think its the usual suspects or not:

1. Sports:

For someone who played sports earlier, I famously call myself 'born spectator' (yeah, after Oscar Wilde's famous coinage) thereafter.

Tennis, Soccer, Cricket and F1 kick-start, ace & accelerate the zest in my life.

Be it watching test cricket at Lord's or classic tennis at Wimbledon or watching my favorites Germany lift the FIFA World Cup or darling Sebastian Vettel ace the F1 circuits of the world, Zest it is - at its purest.  

2.  Gemstones and Jewelry

Again, for a born jewellerista (yeah, to jewelry what a fashionista is to fashion), gemstones and jewelry actually converse with me.

The pastel and bright hued gems, their translucence, their depth, their cuts and settings add sparkle and zest to my life. 

Dreaming about them, designing them .. from dreams to reality, carefully overseeing them being set, adorning them and cherishing them makes for a lifetime of zestful association.

3.  Tryst with Movies

I am a fan of storytelling, at soul.

A well told story - be it comedy, tragedy or irony - for that matter, adds tremendous zest and meaning - to millions and billions of lives.

Such is the power of the visual and audio-visual medium.

Naturally, therefore, watching movies adds zest to my life. 

Be it the classics or the contemporaries, be it romcom or art, be it Hollywood or Bollywood  - irrespective of period, geography and genre, movies such as The Roman Holiday, Sound of Music, You've Got Mail, Cast Away, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Jab We Met and a whole host of other Hindi and English classics and contemporaries add reels of zest to my life. 

4.  A Career

Life, is, a journey; not a guided tour.

We all make our journeys, one choice and one investment at a time.

Nothing - absolutely nothing - can add more zest and meaning to my life than my very hard-earned career.

The vitality, sense of purpose and meaningful achievement a career adds to my life and identity is unique and without parallel.

I long to get back to this dimension of zest in my life .. 

5.  Companionship - A Life Partner & Family

Life, sure, is a journey. 

But what adds zest to it is not limited only to things or situations.  In a very big measure, its the people - that grace our life.  Adding zest, security, companionship and foundation to our life.

No wonder this appears last in the list - for, its the most elusive yet more elevating form of adding zest to life.

An understanding life partner, an enduring companionship for life, a small and well-knit family of one's own can add zest to life by leaps and bounds, untouched by any misery the times could and would wrought on us!

Now, that was a sneak peek in to my life's Zest-O-Meter. 

Like it?

What's yours? 

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Cheers :) 

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