Saturday, 2 August 2014

Story Reveal: #WhatTheBlack

Well, if you have been following me on Twitter and / or Facebook, you are sure to have noticed my excitement over the last four days, around #WhatTheBlack .. an experience in association with

Oh dear, BlogAdda did call it the "#WhatTheBlack Expect the Unexpected Experience"!

I much enjoyed the last four days, today being the culminating day where we actually discovered, after a teaser three day engagement, #WhatTheBlack is happening!

The innovative product introduction engagement kept us engaged, oh, teased ofcourse and guessing ..

No mere virtual engagement this! It was a total package .. a surprise package at that!

Each day, specially appointed delivery service came home to deliver me my #WhatTheBlack surprise of the day!

On Day 1, this is what arrived:

Impressed with the slick packaging, I opened it to discover .. oh hear this, a BLACK EGG!

Of all things black, an egg in black! Unheard of! Thankfully, they seemed to have known I am vegetarian, so that was actually a black chocolate egg! 

Friends & I relentlessly guessed and debated #WhatTheBlack is happening and we could also go to the dedicated website (this website has now unveiled the surprise, but the first three days, it was an all black website with twitter and facebook feeds, egging us on to guess what #WhatTheBlack could be) everyday to share our excitement and guesses, with cool prizes in store!

I thought next could be black milk!

On Day 2, this arrived:

A full-fledged BLACK NEWSPAPER!

By now, it became amply clear that #WhatTheBlack is a 'morning' thing waiting to happen ..

I thought, may be, next in line is bread, to turn black?

Day 3 brought not one, but two things that turned black:


And ..


By now, it was heightened suspense and guessing game broke all open on social media ..

Thankfully, Day 4 - today - dawned early and this box arrived, announcing "Story Reveal":

The speed at which I opened the surprise can only be rivaled by the speed of the bus in the movie of the same name aka Speed:

Woohoo! A BLACK TOOTHBRUSH from Colgate:

Colgate introduces Charcoal infused bristles in this newly launched toothbrush.  The bristles are 17 times slimmer at the tips and thereby empower deeper cleaning.   Charcoal infusion ensures effective and ever better than before cleaning of plaque bacteria! Deep cleaning .. yet gentle, that's why its called the SlimSoft Charcoal toothbrush :)

MRP: Rs.60/- per toothbrush.

To know more, head Here! 

Truly amazed .. never imagined any of these morning staples .. all the more, the toothbrush, could go black! 

#WhatTheBlack the last four days have been!

Thank you BlogAdda for an innovative product launch engagement .. my excitement continues .. because the surprise box today arrived after I got ready today .. that means I will use this Black Toothbrush tomorrow :)

Cheers :)