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Circle of Deceit - Chapter 9

This is Chapter 9 of a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”.  Our team “Kalakaar Colony” is a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda. You can read the previous chapter here.

Chapter begins ..

Cyrus approached Roohi slowly and brought out the pocket knife, his eyes fixed on Roohi and her packet of chips, even as he was approaching.

A petrified Roohi, her beautiful dark eyes emitting innocence and fear, in equal measure, started stepping back as Cyrus approached her. 

Staring at the pocket knife, a tearful Roohi dropped her chips packet, signaled an alarm in her raised voice, waved a no with both her hands and yelled, "Stop. Don't come near me."  

Cyrus halted in his steps, realizing he may be frightening the child inadvertently.  
He threw the pocket knife a hand's distance away. Then he looked at Roohi with a kind glance and said, "I am only going to open your packet of chips for you, don't worry."

Roohi was in no mood to take that and still in her yelling tone dictated, "Open my chips packet with your hands, as Mom does!"
Illustrations Courtesy: 12

A defeated Cyrus, his shoulders slouching, kneeled down, stretched to reach for the chips packet and ripped it open with his hands. 

Cyrus then stretched and held the opened packet out for Roohi to take it from him. Roohi, in a split second, went for the packet, plucked it out of Cyrus' outstretched hands and rushed to the back door, at the other end of the room, to seat herself. The sprawling Madh Island bungalow had that back door leading to a lush garden outside.

Cyrus watched Roohi helplessly when he heard footsteps outside the front door. "Oh My God! I hope her yelling did not alert the neighbors", he thought and rushed through the corridor connecting the room to the front door of the bungalow.

His heart thumping overtime, he glanced through the front door's view finder but could not see a soul.  Cyrus cautiously opened the front door wide open and stepped out to survey.

Meanwhile, Roohi's preoccupation with her chips packet, her dainty little lady's fingers coated with the cheesy masala, was disturbed by the shadow cast on her. She looked up to see a young man glancing, in turns, at her and at the back. Roohi stepped back intuitively.  Just as she was about to raise an alarm and shout, she noticed his shiny earring - a single shiny white metal earring in his right ear lobe.

Her mind rewound!    

Roohi eased up and with a cautiously familiar tone asked, "Krishna?"

The young man was delighted and said, "yes Roohi, I am Krishna."


At the hospital, Jennifer was still tense after the Doctor had treated her, prescribed and left. She was still lying down on the hospital bed. Shekhar watched her tense eyes and the duty nurses going about their motions.

Gently, in an understanding overtone, shekhar reached out to Jennifer and asked her, "Do you want me to call someone in your home?"

Jen shook her head in the negative and stayed silent.

Shekhar fetched her a glass of water and struck a small conversation with her. "I was eleven years old and had my first cycle accident on the road .. i vividly remember it even today .. i had skid my cycle and was bleeding profusely from my legs, just below the knees."

Slowly as Shekhar narrated the childhood experience, Jen and Shekhar appeared to have struck a humane chord .. a moment of solace.


A relieved Cyrus, convinced there wasn't, after all, anyone at the front door, rushed back in .. to an empty room and an open back door!

His whole body shaking in disbelief, he frantically searched through and yelled, "Roohi, Roohi .. where are you?"

Roohi was nowhere to be seen or heard.  Cyrus stared at the back door incredulously! 

His state of disbelief was shaken by his mobile phone ringing .. the "Badtameez Dil" ringtone belying the anti-climax, as it were.


Meanwhile, Mr.Gupta arrived home to see Tara waiting at the portico! 

Mr.Gupta was still on his mobile phone when he caught a glimpse of Tara staring in disbelief at her mobile screen, her face pale and drawn.  

Illustrations Courtesy: 12

When their eyes met, Tara stormed to her father, sobbing uncontrollably and crying desperately, "Save my daughter, please.."

Chapter ends.

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