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Circle of Deceit - Chapter 17

This is Chapter 17 of a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”.  Our team “Kalakaar Colony” is a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda. You can read the previous chapter here.

Chapter begins ..

If a person could look as haunted as property .. one glance at Jennifer, right then, was all it would have taken. In the hospital, she looked almost haunted .. by her thoughts, as she stared at her phone, still reeling under the impact & shock of Shekhar disconnecting her second consecutive call, made in quick succession. 

"What can I do to make him listen to me right now?", she agonized, "I have little time on hand!" After all, having a lead and waiting don't go together.  At least, not for those who care to make a difference .. to themselves and to those they care for. Jennifer had begun to care .. for Shekhar and as much for what he thought of her. Exactly like an empathetic human would, for someone who stands by them in an hour of need. Shekhar did.  It was her turn now.  "Would he trust me?", was the thought that haunted her.     

If there ever was a discovery as to the hottest proposition, it wouldn't have been the Sun's temperature.  No, it wouldn't have been the actresses either.  It would be 'torture inflicted by one's thoughts on oneself'.  

Jennifer's torturous thoughts ran over Cyrus's blog .. that single blog post .. narrating a spectacular investigation .. had caught not just her attention, but well, the attention of her, err .. soul!  

She thought to herself, "Was it destiny? Or, was it Nature utilizing her as a tool? If yes, for what end?"

Her mind raced the flashback:

She had read and re-read that blog post.  And, set off on a great trip on the Internet of things. Google for company, fueled by endless cups of coffee and an urge to find the man who was the hero of that investigation, whom, Cyrus's blog post had deified. Well, almost. 

She had utilized key word search drawing from that Cyrus' blog post narrative followed by a geographical location search for matching news snippets.  

And, in broadband speed, had landed on a past news item that reported how a certain Mr. Aryan Ahuja kept the most revered Private Investigators body, "The Chartered Private Investigators Association", in rapt attention, as he presented a case study (with names and places changed) of an offbeat and nearly impossible investigation, in their annual gala conference.   

A duty nurse, over at Jennifer's bed to routine check her blood pressure, interrupted Jennifer's flashback.  

"This is it", determined Jennifer.  "I can't wait anymore .. there isn't time enough to wait for Shekhar; he is not even in a frame of mind to understand.  I need to do this."

She got herself discharged .. whatever it took and popped out of the hospital .. well, hopped would have been more apt. 

Once on the road, Jennifer's thoughts raced .. in sharp contrast to her steps which were slow and painfully hopping.

The striking similarity she had found in the investigation narrative in Cyrus' blog post & the news item on Mr.Aryan Ahuja's case study presentation had intuitively led her to interpret, that, it was the same man.  "Is this what they call a Kismet Connection?", she wondered as she surveyed the road, for the direction she ought to take.  Oh yes, she knew where she had to go .. to Tara and Shekhar's locale and society.  


Her interpretation that the man deified in Cyrus' blog post was indeed Aryan Ahuja, had led her, in the past, to do a complete online look-up for Aryan Ahuja.  That, most of all, led her to the electoral rolls pincode she had found for Aryan Ahuja.  It was indeed the same locale as Tara and Shekhar's, as Shekhar had shared their contact details with her prior to their hospital visit.  

Though, she had no idea if Aryan Ahuja was an investigator himself or what he did for a living or profession.

Jennifer began desperately waving at each passing taxi. 

Chapter ends.

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